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Jewish Rockstar Rocks the Star…… of David!

Posted by whitefrodude on September 24, 2007

So we are all aware of Jewish celebrities from Matisyahu and Adam Sandler, to the Oy-Bay Area’s own Adam Samburg. Well the other day I had the chance to sit down with another Jewish celebrity from the Oy-Bay Area, San Jose to be exact. Mark Herman a.ka. The Jewggernaut is the lead singer for the band Insolence. Now I know a few of the readers will immediately recognize the name of the band while other are still scratching their heads and thinking “Whitefrodude must be on drugs because I have no idea who that is!” Well let me redirect you back to Adam Sandler. I am fairly positive that all of you know who he is and have heard of his movie Little Nicky. I’m sure that most of you have also heard of Robert Redford and his movie The Last Castle. Well Insolence has had their music featured in each of those movies plus in a few video games and let’s not forget that they host a weekly radio show in Japan that reaches 37 million people!

Anyways, back to my point, I had a chance to sit down with The Jewggernaut the other day and ask him a few questions about his take on Judaism.


Mark Jewish rocker resize 440

Whitefrodude: Does being Jewish affect how you live your life or how people treat you when you play?

The Jewggernaut: No not really. I’m not very religious. I know about the holidays and I know what I should be doing for them, but I usually don’t do anything. I don’t eat pork. And as for people treating me differently, I would so no. Most people don’t even know I’m Jewish until they see my tattoo.

WFD: I wanted to ask about the tattoo. What inspired you to get one of a Jewish Star if your not that religious and why on the top of your head?

TJ: I did it out of respect for my family. My parents are religious and I thought that I should do something to commemorate them. A lot of people usually give me a hard time about it since you aren’t supposed to get tattoos if you’re Jewish but I think of it as a permanent kippa.

WFD: So what do you think is the most Jewish thing about you?

TJ: My son. He goes to Jewish Day Camp and always comes home and tells me what he learned and tries to get me to do those things.

WFD: So what do you like best about being Jewish?

TJ: The food!

WFD: Do you have any words of advice for any of your Jewish audience?

TJ: Follow your heart and follow your dreams. G-d has a destiny for everybody and your paths already paved. If you believe in something fight for it and be proud of who you are. Don’t ever try to be what you’re not.

If any of the readers wants to find out more about Insolence or their new album they can go to their website at www.insolence1.com or check out their myspace at www.myspace.com/insolenceone


3 Responses to “Jewish Rockstar Rocks the Star…… of David!”

  1. minsky said

    Wow. Impressive.

  2. Oyster said

    Nice Jew-tatt! It’s still second only to this dude’s tatt in my book. 🙂

    Oh, and I love that WWII agitprop-esque graphic for their album! Nice!

    Obscure reference: didn’t one of the Houses on Dune use sonic weapons?

  3. lchaimlover said

    what an interesting story. I’ll have to listen to some of their stuff now.

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