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Spook’ot 2007

Posted by challahbackgirl on September 26, 2007

Wander over to Dolores Park this Sunday, September 30 for the return of Spook’ot a joint event of the Young Adult Community of Congregation Emanu-El and the HUB of the Jewish Community Center of the San Francisco, with the help of a few more organizations. Check out Oyster’s account of Spook’ot 2006. Head on over the jump for all the details of this years Spook’ot.

Spook’ot 2007

Dolores Park, SF

Dolores Park was the Temple Emanu-El cemetery from 1861-1894…

Spook’ot: It’s that time of year again….

Join us for our third annual outdoor festival in Dolores Park:
* Outdoor movie showing of Fiddler on the Roof, sing-along style, with hot chocolate and popcorn (Please feel free to come dressed as your favorite character from Fiddler on the Roof! Actually we would REALLY REALLY like it if you did!)
* DJ Justin Time and Yuval from the Israel Center
* Welcoming our ancestors into our Sukkah (bring family pictures!)
* Building our Sukkah and shaking the Lulav and Etrog
* Tracing of your family lineage
* Welcoming Today’s Wanderers: Immigrants’ Rights and Jewish Social Justice with Progressive Jewish Alliance

CARE TO VOLUNTEER AN HOUR OR TWO OF YOUR TIME? There’s a lot to do the day of and it’s a mighty fun crew to be a part of! Please email Mollie if you’re interested in learning more.

Co-sponsored by the Young Adult Community of Congregation Emanu-El and the HUB of the Jewish Community Center of the San Francisco

Co-presented by American Jewish World Service, Berkeley Hillel Grad Students and Young Adults, Hillel at Stanford, Jewish Community Center, East Bay, New Generations of the New Israel Fund, Progressive Jewish Alliance, San Francisco Hillel Grads and TZAVTA of the Israel Center.

Please remember this is an outdoor festival… it’s a great place to have a picnic if you want to bring a blanket, food, and wine… and it also gets cold so wear layers!


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