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Jews on NPR: Too many!

Posted by Oyster on September 27, 2007

Wow, so much Jew-Jew action on NPR, you might think that they control the media or something… (mwahahaha!)

  • Interview with the author of ‘Dough’, the odd story of a Jewish immigrant family that lived in borderline poverty, yet were millionaires from their bakery. The author tells of the story of how he discovered how they hoarded the money over the years, and even counted food stamps during the Passover Seder!
  • Michael Krasny (Jew) interviews Steven Pinker on his new book. In the course of their discussion on semantics, language, and neuroscience, they bring up the subject of taboo, and how some words are co-opted, like ‘nigger’ to deflate their former exclusive use as defamatory, whereas other cultural groups, like the Jews, haven’t yet co-opted such words, like ‘kike’ or ‘sheenie’. I believe Michael then pointed out how ‘Heeb’, the irreverent Jewish magazine, represents how a younger generation of Jews are turning appelations like ‘heeb’ or ‘jew’ (think Kinky Friedman and the Jew-Boys) to be cool & hip.
  • Terry Gross interviews Phillip Roth (Jew author extraordinaire). They discuss the last of his books featuring the recurring character Zuckerman. Zuckerman’s now-dead mentor is described as a well-respected writer who wrote no novels, but many short stories with ‘Jews’ as their focus. This has lead many people to speculate that Zuckerman and his mentor is really code for Roth and Malamud.

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