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Big Beats Hit Bay Area: Y-love, Jake Break, dj handler, Sagol 59 and Ragtop of the Philistines

Posted by challahbackgirl on October 6, 2007

Cross-posted from CBDYAGY-Love, Jake Break and dj handler

The Bay Area is in for some big beats with Jewish soul in the coming weeks. Kneidalach ketches you up with all the Teapacks action, so I’ll fill in you on the others.

This isn’t Y-love, Jake Break and dj handler first time in the area, they we’re here back in February for Bureau of Jewish Education’s 2nd Annual Young Adult Feast of Jewish Learning. They not only got a lot of local publicity then, but these New Yorkers have been featured in media nationally and beyond. With all this press it seems silly to reinvent the wheel. Also, performing with these three are Sagol 59 and Ragtop of the Philistines Here’s what they want you to know about them, according to Shemspeed and their concert information is at the end of the post.



Website | Myspace Page | Videos | Merchandise | Downloads

Y-Love (born Yitz Jordan) is an MC unlike any other. He is a black convert into the Bostener sect of chassidus (the mystical branch of Orthodox Judaism). He among the most innovative freestylers on the scene, weaving seamless polyglot rhymes in English, Arabic, Yiddish, and Hebrew. Most unique is Y Love’s revival of Aramaic, the ancient language used to discuss Jewish Law. With each word he spits in the tongue of the Talmud, Y-Love breathes new life into Hasidism, and hip-hop one beat at a time.

Jake Break

Jake Break

Website | Myspace Page | Downloads

Jake Break is a souled-out independently affiliated producer. His music bridges Afro Beat, Brazilian jazz and funk rhythms with layers of instruments that stray from your cousin’s boom-bap loops. His style is 60’s pleats, hairgreased, and satin sheets, 8o’s turbo creased, 70’s jazz-fusion funked out, 90’s bubble fat geese-tommy hilfiger fleece. Basically, he’s a record fiend, with vast quanties of tight beats and records of generational genre smashing musicians, from the east.

dj handler

dj handler

Website | Myspace Page | Videos | Merchandise | DownloadsErez a.k.a. dj handler is the founder and director of Modular Mood Records, Shemspeed, Hip Hop Sulha, Barzilai Productions, and The Sephardic Music Festival. As the brains behind Modular Moods and many of the hyped parties in and around NYC, dj handler defies musical stereotypes. As a multicultural maestro, he spins a mix of Baile Funk and Afro Beat blended with 80’s free style and hip hop, while incorporating Ashkenazic cantorial music and traditional Yemenite melodies. He frequently collaborates with non-electronic musicians, creating textural fusions of live and recorded sound. dj handler’s music, style, and presence get famous US clubs to resemble the craziest festivals abroad.

Sagol 59

Sagol 59

Website | Myspace Page | Downloads

Since crashing into Israel’s burgeoning hip-hop scene with his 2000 debut (Recorded between 1993-1999), Israeli Hip Hop pioneer Sagol 59 has built a formidable reputation as an honest, unflinching, clever, articulate and highly original MC. boasting 4 Full-Length Albums to date, plenty of musical collaborations with diverse artists and many live shows in Israel and overseas (U.S, Europe), Sagol has anticipated Israel’s current Rap boom and cemented his position as one of its most outspoken and talented leaders.

Ragtop of the PhilistinesRagtop

According to his Myspace Page

RAGTOP is an MC and screenwriter, born in Palestine and raised in the Tennessee hills. His Action-Adventure script AGENCY was a finalist for the 2006 ABC/Walt Disney Studios Writer’s Fellowship, and his Civil-Rights drama GLENVILLE is currently a finalist for the 2008 Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. He has just completed a feature film script for Desert Door Productions, and currently writes for Hany Abu-Assad, director of the Golden Globe-winning PARADISE NOW. ‘TOP also executive-produced FREE THE P, the first Arab-American hip-hop project to secure nationwide distribution, and has performed around the world from Vancouver to Amman , Jordan . He earned a Bachelor’s in English, Theater and Creative Writing from GWU in 2001, and a Master’s in screenwriting from USC in 2006. He has written and edited for several news and literary publications, and lives in L.A., where the palm trees sway…

Here’s a preview of what you’re in for at the shows below

and Teapacks Eurovision 2207 entry Push the Button

Y-love, Jake Break and dj handler bring their acts to the Bay Area starting at my alma matter, UC Santa Cruz. They’ll move up the coast to San Jose (joined by Sagol 59, Ragtop, and Omar Offendum) for HIP HOP SULHA, then continue north to San Francisco where they’ll join Teapacks.

Here’s all the event info including the Teapacks shows:

Pre-concert Listening Party
An exciting listening party presented by Tzavta, and The Hub the Israel Center’s and JCCSF’s Young Adult Divisions, featuring music videos, rare audio tracks, translations and discussions of the band’s controversial lyrics will be held preceding the event. Discounted concert tickets and CDs for party attendees.
Tuesday, October 9, 2007 – 8:00 pm

The Cellar

685 Sutter St,
San Francsico, Ca
view map

Y-love, Jake Break and dj handler Concert
Thursday, October 11, 2007

8:00pm – 10:00pm
Kresge Town Hall, UCSC
Santa Cruz, CA
View Map
Contact Santa Cruz Hillel:
Facebook event

Double Bill! Hip-Hop Sulha/The Narcicyst
8:00 PM
Saturday, October 13, 2007
Montalvo Arts Center
510 S 1st St, San Jose

The Hip-Hop Sulha (Sagol 59, Y-Love, Jake Break & dj handler, Omar Offendum, Ragtop) reinvents the concept of the traditional Arab sulha [reconciliation] by bringing leading Israeli and Palestinian hip-hop musicians together to celebrate peace and tolerance via the performing arts. The Narcicyst brings a “truly original” voice to hip-hop, blending Arabic slang and stream-of-consciousness poetry into striking musical narratives. His recent album, Stuck Between Iraq and a Hard Place, focuses unflinchingly on weaving “the things that need to be said” (The Montreal Mirror) into a new brand of hip-hop consciousness.
Additional Information:
$5 members/10 non-members – Buy Now

Teapacks San Francisco Concert
Opening act: Sagol 59, Y-Love, Jake Break and DJ Handler
8:00 pm (doors), 9:00 pm (concert)
Sunday, October 14, 2007
Ruby Skye

420 Mason St, San Francisco – map
(415) 512-6285
18+ (show ID at door)
Students (with ID): $10, Tzavta members: $20, General: $30
Ticket reservations: israelcenter@sfjcf.org, (415) 512-6203

Teapacks Berkeley Concert
Monday, October 15, 2007 – 7:30 pm
Pauley Ballroom
King Student Union, UC Berkeley – Campus map
(415) 512-6285
All ages
Students (with ID): $5, Tzavta members: $15, General: $25
Ticket reservations: israelcenter@sfjcf.org, (415) 512-6203


13 Responses to “Big Beats Hit Bay Area: Y-love, Jake Break, dj handler, Sagol 59 and Ragtop of the Philistines”

  1. […] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  2. […] up Big Beats Hit Bay Ar… on Big Beats Hit Bay Area: Y-Love…Nancy on Our Blog Policy Makes Yom Kipp…Happy Sukkot CBDYA… […]

  3. Oyster said

    I got to chill with DJ Handler & Y-Love again when I was gone on ROI 120 this past summer! 🙂

  4. Dan said

    Leading hip hop artist? Sagol 59 sold a few thousand in Israel. Meanwhile, Subliminal has sold hundreds of thousands. In the Israeli hip-hop scene, Sagol 59 is pretty underground while Hadag Nachash, Kele6, TACT, and more dominate.

    Sagol 59 is a very leftist rapper who boasts of hanging with Uri Averny, the far leftist leader of Gush Shalom.

    Meanwhile, Free the P is a staunchley pro-Palestine production that features the “Handala” figure on the cover. Handala is a symbol of Palestinian violence.

    A reconciliation should be between people from different sides of the issue. This “Suha” brings together a nationalist right wing promoter of Palestinian violence and a leftist peace promoting Israeli. Is the reconciliation between promoters of violence and peace?

    It should be bringing together people from different sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    It should noted that the first of these “Suha” events featured Palestinian group DAM (who are from Lod within the green in Israel), who are open supporters of suicide bombing and the destruction of Israel.

    Hardly a ringing endorsement of reconciliation or peaceful coexistence.

  5. Oyster said

    Hey Dan,

    I actually know Y-Love & DJ Handler. I did speak with Y-Love, who is a haredi Jew, about his performance with DAM in Lod. He said that him and his crew were very unsettled to hear their extreme views during the performance. He said that they weren’t expecting to hear that, and were hoping for a more peaceful, tolerant encounter.

    BTW, it’s “sulha”, not “Suha”, as in Arafat’s wife.

    I see your concern that these “outreach” type of events, consisting of very lenient Jewish groups, and not-so-lenient pro-Pali groups, end up being co-opted. Let’s just hope that their current partners are more tolerant.

  6. […] Jlifer, Kneidlach and I, along with a few hundred other MOT, descended on Ruby Skye in SF for an awesome night of music. After awesome performances by Y-love with Jake Break and dj handler, Sagol 59 and headliner […]

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