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Feinsmith Quartet at the JCCSF

Posted by Oyster on October 7, 2007

Feinsmith Quartet poster

The Feinsmith Quartet, brain-child of local Jewish genius & avant-garde composer Daniel David Feinsmith, will be performing tomorrow night, Monday, October 8th at the JCCSF. Reserve your tickets now!

Aside from his blog where he writes on the topics of music theory, Jewish mysticism, and sexuality (to name a few), it looks like Daniel has also put up a fair amount of content on MySpace and YouTube. Check out this rehearsal session below, where you hear & see both their musicality and Daniel’s supervisory role. Some of the tracks online and slated for performance on Monday night will be on the FQ’s upcoming album, “ELOHIM” (one of the Hebrew names for G-d).


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