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60 Years of Israeli Art

Posted by kneidalach on October 8, 2007

60 Years of Israeli Art
Six Meetings Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the State of Israel

You are invited to a series of lectures on Israeli art. The Reuven Ruben, 1930series follows the story of art and its development in the six decades of the state of Israel. The meetings will cover various genres such as painting, photography, sculpture and video art from an artistic, historic and social aspect.


Israeli Art reflects the unique complexity of the Israeli identity. In Tal Shokhat, 2005each meeting we will describe and analyze a decade of this development in parallel to both the newly formed society and to the changes of world art.

The lectures will be given by Michal Gavish whose works were exhibited in Israel and in the States, including her most recent show at the SFMOMA Artists Gallery. Michal Gavish, with a PhD in Chemistry is completing her MFA degree at the San Francisco Art Institute. In addition she is conducting bimonthly gallery tours on the subject of Contemporary Art.

First Meeting: How did it all start? Israeli Art before the Israeli State

Tuesday, October 9th at 8:00 PM
Cubberley Community Center room H1
4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto

Cost :$10 per meeting; advanced registration to all 6 lectures at $50; For additional information and registration please contact Nirit Kedem at 650 852 3508 , nkedem@paloaltojcc.org

The series is co sponsored by the Bureau of Jewish Education


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  1. Oyster said

    I ❤ Reuven Rubin.

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