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Feeling Lucky: Sergey Brin at my Silicon Valley Synagogue

Posted by Oyster on October 18, 2007

A googley-eyed Oyster spots Sergey Brin & Anne Wojcicki at his shul.

The Shabbat before last, I found myself walking into shul (minding my own bidness). I noticed that the parking lot was fuller than usual, and my suspicions of some sort of b’nai mizvah was confirmed when I saw that the sanctuary was full. Having danced my pants off with the Torah just a day before with the Mission Minyan, I was sure that the khagim had finally come to a close. So that wasn’t it. It was the friends and family of the b’nai mitzvah kid. Whomever it was.

As I whipped out my chumash and started following along the Torah reading, I soon figured out that it was a Bat Mitzvah. I didn’t happen to know the girl or her family. I was expecting some friends of mine to show up, so I started periodically looking back from my second-row perch towards the back corner of the sanctuary, where a late-arriving guest or two might sit down.

In the threshold of the doorway to the back corner, I saw a young couple standing. Both were dressed nicely for the occasion, with the guy wearing a suit (or at least a blazer). He had close-cropped brown hair on his head, and a goatee. The lady had brown-blonde hair, shoulder length, and smart stylish glasses.

I did a double-take. I recognized that woman! She looks just like Anne Wojcicki…

Am I looking at Anne & Sergey Brin?!?

Sergey didn’t look like Sergey to me, but I’ve only seen, what, three pictures of him in my life? I heard Larry Page talk in person at Cal before, so at least I had a better fix on him.

I keep on peaking back at them, double- triple-taking even. But I had to give priority to the Torah (sorry guys!), and so I lost sight of them. I wasn’t sure if they entered & sat down in the congregation, or if they left.

After services, I frantically looked for them in the congregation, at the kiddush, and while eating at the oneg. No Googly couple to be seen (but admittedly I neglected to use GoogleMaps to aide me in my search, it being Shabbat & all…).

Having a very tech savvy rabbi at the helm of our congregation (he knows what a mash-up is!!), I sheepishly approached him with my sighting during his rounds at the oneg. His eyes grew wide, telling me that the Bat Mitzvah girl’s father is actually a high-up at Google. Suspicion confirmed! He goes on to mention that his dream is to have Larry Page & Sergey Brin come to our synagogue.

Could this be a sign of good things to come? Are my predictions of a Jewishly involved Mr. & Mrs. Brin coming to fruition?

To be fair, Anne Wojcicki devotes time out of her very busy schedule to work on Reboot, an impressive Jewish thought & arts journal. But I want both of you to know, if you ever see this, that you’re both very welcome to become active either at our shul or with any of the myriad other Jewish young adult groups in the area.

And if you come by Congregation Beth David again, I’ll be sure to come up and wish you both a ‘Shabbat Shalom!’ 🙂


2 Responses to “Feeling Lucky: Sergey Brin at my Silicon Valley Synagogue”

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  2. Angella said

    When will the gret Sergey Brin will tell the truth about himself to the world?

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