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‘bump ugly all night’: Oy Bay Victim of Spammers

Posted by Oyster on October 21, 2007

Warning, NSFW!

To whom it may concern,

In the past two days, I’ve been receiving some very odd emails. It appears that some spammer has chosen to use ‘oy-bay.org’ as a domain name to use as the “From” address in their forged emails.

To be clear, Oy-Bay.org does not spam, and is adamantly against spamming.

We are now in the process of investigating this. Hopefully we can find out who is doing this.

I apologize if you’re coming across this message because you’re wondering who is sending you unsolicited emails about making your genitalia larger. Unfortunately, these evil spammers are making both your life and our life miserable.

I suspect that this is some sort of DOS attack by some jerk who came across Oy Bay & didn’t like what they saw. I’ll keep y’all posted if I substantiate this.

In the mean time, I’m going to attempt to try to turn etrogim lemons into lemonade. Here’s a selection of the spam messages that were sent in our name:

  • no more magnifying glass needed when you have a big d*ck!
  • be all you can be with a super huge c*ck
  • if your gonna do it, do it right and take some p*nis pills!
  • you can bump ugly all night when you take virility pills
  • dont be slack, make your sausage bigger today
  • its a bird, its a plane, no its your humungous new c*ck
  • ever think shes faking? make it the real deal every time

Ironically, one of the spam links goes to something called “katan co”. The Hebrew-speakers in the audience will notice that ‘katan’ means ‘small’. 🙂 Also, whoever got Oy Bay involved in this smarmy smut is obviously not very observant. The ads for male genital enhancement doesn’t really apply to the male MOT’s out there, apparently! 😉


2 Responses to “‘bump ugly all night’: Oy Bay Victim of Spammers”

  1. jlifer said

    Just joking folks, we’re really giving Oy Bay! a new image 😉

  2. Friar Yid said

    When I was an editor of my college newspaper we used to get some really great spam- the best parts were the absolutely bizarre sender names the spambots generated. My favorite was “Auschwitz K. Palmetto.” You just can’t make that up.

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