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Israel & Shul Dynamics topics of Plays in Progress by Traveling Jewish Theater

Posted by challahbackgirl on October 22, 2007

Originally posted on CBDYAG 

Traveling Jewish Theater is giving us a glimpse of works they are considering for the main stage. Their Windows on the Work features 2 works, one grapples with issues related to Israel and the other with Shul Dynamics.


Aaron Davidman of a Traveling Jewish Theater in A Jerusalem Between Us

Aaron Davidman, Artistic Director for TJT, spent last summer traveling and interviewing “people on the ground” concerned with their own survival more then ideology, in the U.S., U.K. and in Israel including the occupied territories. From these Davidman has created A Jerusalem Between Us, a solo piece.

A Jerusalem Between Us takes stock of recent controversies that have divided Americans and American Jews. The play untangles the Rachel Corrie controversy, considers the word “apartheid”, reflects on the spirit of Jewish values and wonders what’s left of the Left. One man travels from America to the Middle East giving voice to different characters he meets along his journey as he searches for answers to some of the most provocative questions of our time.

According to the TJT Blog “The initial workshop performances of this piece happened at Theatre J in D.C. with artistic director Ari Roth acting as Aaron’s dramaturg.”

The play is now receiving support from the Sundance Institute Theatre Program who will produce a reading in Los Angeles at the Madison Project Theatre November 30.

From Ari Roth, artistic director of Theatre J: “It’s a breakthrough in so many ways, consolidating into a tight 80 minutes so many personal struggles articulated by Aaron about the challenge of supporting and criticizing Israel, wresting with contemporary controversies like the Rachel Corrie conflict and its troubled reception and the rightward drift within the Jewish community. The play’s belly is a travelogue to Israel where Aaron deftly captures a cohort of voices representing a diverse but always thoughtful and provocative range of experiences within Israel and the Territories.”

Now you can be a part of the formation of this piece. Aaron will continue to develop this piece for Bay Area audiences next Saturday, October 27 at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts and on Monday, October 29 at the Berkeley-Richmond JCC. Both performances are at 8pm tickets are $15 general adults and $12 students and seniors. Get your tickets now for the Mountain View or Berkeley shows.

The second piece in progress will show in December at TJT home theater in San Francisco. It’s another solo piece performed by veteran actor Charlie Varon, entitled Rabbi Sam.

Rabbi Sam by Charlie Varon.
December 3. 5. 6, 2008

TJT, 470 Florida St. San Francisco

Congregation B’nai Am is looking for a new rabbi. Sam Isaac is young, charismatic, and an ex-tax attorney. “Finally,” says one board member, “a rabbi who’s not afraid to look at the financials.” Rabbi Sam promises to double membership, compost the synagogue’s food scraps, and take the entire congregation to Jerusalem. Some members of the congregation love Rabbi Sam, his energy and innovation. Some can’t stand him. And of course, some of them can’t stand each other. In Rabbi Sam, Charlie plays a dozen characters, including the rabbi and eight contentious board members.


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  1. Oyster said

    Sounds like a stage monologue of “The Tribe”.

    Aaron Davidman vs. Tiffany Shlain deathmatch. Right on!

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