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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Pack your Zionist Bags

Posted by minsky on October 24, 2007


1a.jpgdownload as post-zionism.pdf

The success of my invective against Zionism (link), is attributed to rhetoric; to my deliberate choice of destructive criticism, in place of constructive criticism. Since I don’t hold any position, it is easy for me to attack others’. So the story goes.

I partly agree. I haven’t been specific. I was rhetorical, very polemical. Here and there I got carried away. Not a clean record by any means, but so much for my part. Those who assume, I need to be constructive or offer alternatives to salvage credibility, don’t understand the problem.

The absence of alternatives to Zionism is the problem- The problem of Zionist hegemony in Jewish America and Israel. Zionism 2.0 and Zionism 1.0, are still Zionism. Zionism is the reason there are no alternatives. It thrives on their censure.

The first, and most decisive step along the creation of alternatives to Zionism, is the rejection of its hegemony.

To survive, Israel needs alternatives to Zionism. To reduce risks for our global Jewish community, we must create them. Adherence to present day Zionism endangers Jews worldwide, including in Israel.


Let’s begin with some basics. Jews, Judaism, Israel, and Zionism. These are four, distinct, elements in the saga. There are many relationships between the four. The worst of these, finds Zionism subordinating Jews and Judaism to Israel. Our present predilection, is the worst.

Zionists do not seek primus inter pares. They have, and sought, total hegemony; first and foremost ideological. Their political objective, destroy all alternatives in the Jewish body-politic.

Zionism is a foregone conclusion, isn’t it? Why else would so many smart Jews back it? “Jewish lives”, “Jewish security”, “Jewish safety”.For the sake of which, we can torture, terrorize, prevaricate, blaspheme, pre-empt, and destroy.

The WHY is here – Israel (ta da). The HOW, is here. Zionism. (hurrah)

Bow to your idol simpletons. Thou shalt have no other G-ds but the State which is G-d, and Ben-Gurion is his prophet.

The Torah does not provide a guide to weaning idolaters off of carved images. It just says stop. So let’s stop pretending.


Let’s stop pretending that any of us has the answers. Especially those, who pretend the most, and offer the least – Zionists. A sample of questions;

1) How many Israeli Arabs presently in Israel? How many in thirty years? What does this imply for Israeli democracy, and Israel as a Jewish state?

Answer: Today, 1.5 million (fifth of population). Birthrate, 4.0. In thirty years, minimum of third of population. Will Israel be able to balance democracy, with Jewish identity?

Zionist answer: none

2) How many Palestinians immediately bordering 1967 Israel? Rich, poor, happy or upset? Their goals and objectives? What does this mean for Israel‘s future?

Answer: nearly 4 million in West Bank and Gaza. Four more million around Israeli border in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Birth rate, for Gaza and West Bank. 4.17. Mostly dirt poor, living in squalid shanties, displaced, angry, seething. Sole purpose in life, reclaim land. Meaning for Israel’s future?

Zionist Answer: none

3) Where lie most of Israel‘s aquifers, and sources of water? Is this an obstacle to peace between Palestinians and Israel?

Answer: Golan and West Bank. In Palestinian hands. Not only is this an obstacle to peace, it is an irreversible obstacle to any de facto Palestinian statehood. Short of claiming the water for Israel, the Zionists say what?

Zionist Answer: none

4) How much land Zionists expropriated from Palestinians, occupied by Israel or inhabited by Israelis? Why does it matter?

Answer: Depends who you ask. This is an important issue, because the land in question is claimed by both parties. Significant numbers of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank claim land in Israel proper. They are fighting for it, and ready to die, no less than Israelis. What kind of legal framework is ready to resolve these problems?

Zionist Answer: none

5) Right of Return. Israeli vs. Palestinian. How many Jews eligible, vs how many Palestinians. To where?

Answer: 13 million Jews worldwide, and 10 million Palestinians worldwide. If all live in Israel-Palestine, twenty three million people will argue over water, land rights, and political rights in a locale the size of the Bay area. Oy-Bay! What framework is being offered to resolve this question?

Zionist Answer: none

6) The military balance, and Israel‘s future. Nuclear weapons and Israel‘s neighbors. How many wars do we have to fight to feel secure in the Middle East?

Answer: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, are all striving to balance Israel, by developing nuclear weapons. All of them can sustain asymmetric warfare against Israel, not to mention direct conventional warfare. Rockets are becoming cheaper and more plentiful; Islamists better organized, and determined. Hezbollah hides under orchards owned by unwitting Yanks in Connecticut, stores ammo in civilian cellars, and lobs missile after missile on Jewish cities. It beats the IDF. Today it’s Iran. Tomorrow Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. As Israel looses its military edge due to their advances, the costs of maintaining parity increase, and militarization ensues. This translates into greater costs in lives and political objectives of any future conflict. So what’s the plan?

Zionist answer: none

In these sample of a few, but pertinent cases, we see a pattern of Zionist numbness, dumbness, strategic blindness.

The Zionists objective is to become an ideological foregone conclusion. This Zionism achieves through pretense; pretense to have the answers. Bamboozling intelligent Jews to buy their shill takes calculated brilliance, or does it? In order to secure its dominance of American and Israeli Jewish communities Zionism relies on bullying and censorship, indoctrination and pontification, and marginalization and stigmatization of those who question its pretense.

Zionists pretend to have answers. Obey them, follow them, identify yourself with them, and lend a hand at every stage.

I don’t pretend to have the answers. Trash me, curse me, make me pay.


I wont pretend… but I will seek. I will look for answers. I begin by rejecting some foregone conclusions pandered by Zionists, implying a rejection of Zionism which panders itself as a foregone conclusion.

Two postulates

1) Dominance of Judaism and Jews by Zionists.

2) Zionist state of Israel – a guarantor of my safety.


The First Postulate

Zionists are saddened when Judaism opposes their objectives. Zionists are unhappy when all Jews are not Zionists. Zionists seek to dominate Jews and Judaism.

There is no one they hate more, than Jews who are vehemently, and strongly anti-Zionist. No one is a greater challenge to their usurpation of Judaism and Jews.

By making Anti-Zionism tantamount to Anti-Semitism, they come to rely on words like Self-Hating Jew to ridicule and to defame anti-Zionist Jews.

Reject this! We are Jews due to Torah. We have become Jews through Torah. Not through Zionism. Without the values inherited from Torah, we are not Jews.

Judaism comes first.

Jews second

Political ideology last.

The Jewish body politic (Judaism) is closer to Western, Modern notions of Human Rights, than to the erroneous and parochial nationalism of 19th century Europe, or present day Third World.

The Zionists are a bumpkin regression to a brutish and imbecilic past, in their co-option of Torah, they represent an Islamization of Judaism and the Jewish body-politic. In as much as Zionism aspires to ideals of ethnically determined statehood, it reflects a fascist past. In as much as it aspires to religious statehood, it represents Islamism.

Islamization is contrary to the efforts of rabbis and leaders of the Jewish body-politic of the last centuries (Heschel, Sholem, Schechter, Schneerson, Bubber, Levinas) to promote Jewish rights as Human Rights, and in so doing promote Modern Values, to the detriment of the parochial, particular, nationalist, sectarian, and ethnocentric. It is contrary to the battle against Islamic sharia, contrary to the battle against chauvinism, racism, colonialism, and xenophobia.

In usurping primacy among Jews, Zionism drives us towards Islamism, away from Humanism.

You ask me for alternatives? Stop Zionist hegemony, stop foregone conclusions. This is an alternative!

Put Jewish body-politic first (Judaism, Humanist values), Jews second, and Zionism last. What about Israel? Put it last! Cast it into the sea if you are to choose between it and Humanism.

Israel represents sick Zionist dreams, ludicrous, unrealizable, dangerous political adventures, and not Jewish dreams. Judaism dreams of states and nations with equality, justice, and peace, not war, lies, manipulation, and discrimination. Read the promises of the Messiah if you don’t believe me. No where is war coveted, nor promised.

By putting Judaism first, you cleanse it of Zionist stains, Zionist distortions, and Zionist politicization.

Values first. Jews first. Zionism last. Israel last.

I want Judaism anywhere and everywhere, Judaism with Jews everywhere and anywhere. Yes including in the state of Israel; in the state of Israel, but not to the detriment of our values, and to Jews in other countries!

Jews must be free to live anywhere. Jews should and must live in
Israel, if Israel is a culmination of virtue and humanity. If it is anything other, it menaces our values, and who we are. We cannot sacrifice these values for stones, trees, or rivers. If such a sacrifice is requested refuse it. Live where you can practice virtue, not vice.

The Second Postulate

The state of Israel, and its Zionist midwives, make the world safe for me, my friends, and our tefillin.

Buy this baloney, and then add a cheeseburger. Here’s an alternative. An alternative history through alternative interpretation of a trite anecdote.

The Mufti of Jerusalem. Anti-Semite by birth, ideology, and practice. Only trouble, the practice came last. A direct result of Irgun, Hagana, and Stern Gangsters. Left to his devices, his Islamic treatment of infidels and “Brothers of the Book” would have amounted to passive racism. Stimulated by a Zionist invasion (a historical fact damn it!) of his homeland, the numbskull turned religious dogma into applied genocide. Zionist role? They stir the hornet’s nest, then claim to make the world safe from bees!

What about the time the Zionists stirred the nest, and single-handedly undermined a global Jewish boycott of Hitler? Erwin Black (Transfer Agreement) says this was a small price to pay for Israel’s birth. Small price to pay? For a state which at the turn of the millennium chalks up more decades of human rights violations than Myanmar; more chastisement from the global community than Saudi Arabia; can lay claim to more destruction of Jewish values than avowed enemies of our past?

Leaving statistics aside, and the litany of victims elegies (Palestinian or Jewish), Israel is a roadblock for the global progress of Human Rights. This means it threatens the safety of Jews worldwide. My safety. Your safety. We depend daily on respect for our rights. It is the bedrock of our freedom. As Jews we depend on nondiscrimination and state impartiality wherever we dwell. The more impartial, and efficient a state’s application of Human Rights, the better for us.

I know my Zionist opponents don’t give a rat’s ass about UN resolutions rebuking Israel, dubbing them anti-Semitic by virtue of origin and intent. That’s precisely the problem. The Zionist’s problem and their gift to world Jewry.

Not only do Zionists not give a rat’s ass, they give a hoot when International Norms are undermined. What can matter more to the Zionists, their sacred state or the sorry state of Global Human Rights? Human Rights which provide safety for millions of Jews not living in Israel come second to Israel’s rights, because when applied to Israel’s actions, International Norms undermine its legitimacy. Faced between illegitimacy, and Human Rights, they choose the latter. This is the nature of the scorpion, ribbit, ribbit.

Fifty UN resolutions against Israel reflect Zionism’s long-running hostility towards International Norms. A hostility which contributes to the destabilization of the international community to Israel‘s own detriment. Witness Israel’s nukes. Probability of confrontation with neighbors (such as Iran) is proportional to Israel‘s attack on International Norms of Non-Proliferation. Israel’s future wars are the inevitable result of Zionism’s perpetual war against modernity. A war based on the destructive postulates which are part and parcel of its political ambitions.

Zionist impunity radicalizes Anti-Semites worldwide, threatening us all with deteriorating conditions. Witness Marseille, witness San Jose. As these conditions worsen, Zionism will further radicalize. It will be pronounced with an “a” in place of “io” and become a corny anagram in the mouths of Anti-Semites. As Zionism spurs Islamization, so too will it Islamicize Jews, and Torah. For 2008 expect innovative readings of Magilot Esther. Persians, they wanted to wipe us out, we returned the favor. In two decade’s time every weekly AIPAC Parasha commentary, will mention Cannan and the Amalekites.


Israel and Zionism have no claim to my safety. My visits to Israel depressed me, instilled fear, and dread. I was nauseated by the disparity between comfort and its price; by security measures which I’ve experienced in Laos and Columbia, where Humans have to rummage for their Rights in rambling landfills.

The rancid stench of blood vengeance hiding in the nooks of Palestinian Jerusalem, foretells the safety Israel will afford us in decade’s time. Next year in Jerusalem? Hopefully not. I felt safer and more Jewish in Brooklyn, than in a country turning Judaism into the stillborn precursor of a brain-less Islam. In Brooklyn, I don’t need a religious factotum to sign off on my marriage, I don’t need to occupy anyone’s barrio, duck Katyusha rockets, accusations of apartheid, worry whose water I’m stealing, and if the times of retribution lie near. In Brooklyn I have the privilege of being who I am, with no coercion to become a criminal accomplice.

You cannot buy my support for a state which practices terror, by telling me my health depends on it. National security is no pretext for torture, theft, and persecution. And you can’t and won’t do it my name! You do not have the right to appropriate my religion, or origin, to enlist me in your cause.


Violence breeds violence, Zionism breeds race-horses. Slim and lithe, loop after loop, never stopping. Zionists dwell on the arson of a Sukkha in Silicon Valley Hillel, wax about the intrinsic anti-Semitism of everything left-of-center. “We are here to protect you”, incant the Zionists.

Nothing in the historical record convinces me of the value of Zionism and Israel to Jewish safety. I encourage Jews to live anywhere, and to bring, wherever they live, the values which have made us who we are: honesty, justice, belief in equality, freedom of conscience, and free will. These values make the world safe for everyone. Parochialism, Islamism, Fascism, apply to those chosen for other purposes.

Governments and regimes which stand by, and behind Human Rights, enforce them effectively and consistently, are the source of Jewish safety. Israel doesn’t belong on this list. It is part of a list of states aggressively rolling back separation of Church and State, corrupts democracy abroad, undermines International Human Rights Law, legislates domestic laws that breed sectarianism, promotes ethnocentrism, defiles Torah, and reduces memory and history to political drivel. It pursues a national agenda of alienating Jews from their mother countries, advocate policies of communitarianism, Israel-firsters, not to mention harsh interrogation techniques and Armenian Genocide denial. How does a state which accentuates, rather than attenuate conflict, contribute to anyones’ safety?

you can download this post in pdf format. post-zionism.pdf




19 Responses to “Pack your Zionist Bags”

  1. minsky said

    If you have trouble with the font size, you can increase it by clicking “ctrl” and the “+” sign, or if you have a mouse with a roller, hold down “ctrl” while moving the wheel forward.

  2. lchaimlover said

    I have little to say to this over bearing argument which continues to repeat itself, with words that get bigger and more pretentious.

    One thing I found the most amusing:

    “Nothing in the historical record convinces me of the value of Zionism and Israel to Jewish safety. I encourage Jews to live anywhere, and to bring, wherever they live, the values which have made us who we are: honesty, justice, belief in equality, freedom of conscience, and free will. These values make the world safe for everyone.”

    While I know that Israel has problems, but I am dubious as to how this is true. If you are a Jew, you will have trouble living at peace ANYWHERE in this world. And don’t give me that “turn the other cheek” nonsense, people have been crucified for less.

    While your thoughts are cute, I condemn them as naive and American.

  3. ArchAngelinAmerica said

    I have not yet read your post but I do intend to.

    Regarding the funnny little cartoon however:

    I am perfectly comfortable with Israel having a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons. I believe they probably need them.

    I am not at all comfortable with Iran (or many other nations) having even one nuclear weapon.

    I know that isn’t “fair.” So few things in life are.

  4. lchaimlover said

    Here, Here Angel sir!

  5. minsky said

    Ok.. I deleted some paragraphs… to make it shorter.. the pdf is still the same

  6. minsky said

    Ok, I changed the picture.

    As for the weather today, wasn’t it great?

    Yes, and other frivolous comments.

    I spent some time on this post, and I expect more than “if you are a Jew you will have trouble living in peace ANYWHERE”

    You are right, such an attitude is entirely American. Brainwashed American Zionism. I don’t find it cute. Be honest, did you read my post?

    It takes either gall or ignorance to declare what you declare. Are you saying Jews do not live safely here, in Brooklyn, Madrid, Hong Kong, and South Africa? You gotta be kidding.

    I’ve shortened my original post, so no excuses for not reading it 😉

  7. AaronfromWG said

    You took a lot of time to write that Minsky. I disagree with most of it but thanks for your effort. I do agree with “if you are a Jew you will have trouble living in peace ANYWHERE”. Anywhere Muslims or Christians live.

  8. lchaimlover said

    I did in fact read the entire post, prior to the shortened edited version. As a person with a degree in English, I don’t find reading long diatribes difficult, only tedious. It is quite clear you spent time on this post, but if you wanted better responses, be more succinct or use a different forum.

    I have plenty of gall, hence my declaration. Yes, to be frank, I find it cute and more than a bit trite that you wrote “…honesty, justice, belief in equality, freedom of conscience, and free will. These values make the world safe for everyone.”

    I don’t know about you, but I live in the real world, not in a utopia. It is a world of racism, elitism, inequality, and limitations. I’m sorry to be so pessimistic, but I’m from the “Rest of America” not from the haven of Northern California. Your words are nothing but a watered down version of “all men were created equal”. In the Age of Enlightenment, this was a nice idea, but it was not a reality. In our age of Political Correctness, your thoughts are “cute”, but not realistic. Your utopian fantasy is nothing short of the golden age of the Moshiach.

    As long is there are people who have issues with things are arbitrary as skin color, there will be people who have problems with Jews. And those people will definitely have a problem if we move in next door.

  9. kneidalach said

    Oy Vay.

  10. Oyster said


    I’ve read your post, and I’ll ask you to attack Zionism all you want, but not those who support it. You well know that I’m a Zionist, and that many of the other writers on this blog are Zionists. If you decry unfair name-calling on the part of those who disagree with you, don’t you think you should set such an example yourself?

    As for your post, I’ll ask you to define some terms, because I believe that this will help us argue “on the same page”, and will avoid any unnecessary confusion.

    You conflate the word ‘Zionism’ with many things. In most cases, it seems that you mix up Zionism with “the historical actions of Zionists”, with the ideology of Zionism, and with the policies of the State of Israel. This makes it confusing to understand your points.

    Could you please give us your working definition of Zionism, what you had in mind when you wrote your post?

  11. MinksyWritesAgain said

    Why is Minsky writing about Zionism again? Does he not understand the audience he is writing to doesn’t want to hear his rubbish. He keeps repeating the same mantra, and we are sick of it.

    Minsky- Pick a new topic. You suck at this one and are annoying everyone.

  12. minsky said

    Oyster, my intent was certainly not to attack anyone personally here. Everybody has the right to be wrong 🙂 My definition of Zionism, you can check in any encyclopedia. I’ll sum it up in three simple words:

    Israel Uber Alles

    Now if you feel personally attacked – you have a right to, but please don’t loose sight of the distinction of calling people liars and distorting their statements (as in ADL eats babies and puppies), and attacks (albeit vociferous) on ideologies along with their impact on conduct. Otherwise I will ask you to reverse your position on the Cartoon Controversy, and we’ll find our selves opposite on every issue. I expect substance, and not insubstantiation.

    Please take responsibility for the effects of the ideology you uphold. Yes, Zionists are pretenders. Some deliberate, some through ignorance. I don’t know which it is, when Zionists connect Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism, or marginalize us through terms such as self-hate; which is what 95 percent of you do in nearly every debate! Just look at your answers here! All of these assume you’re the victim, and you’re being insulted or discriminated. Please, show me I’m wrong about you (Zionists), and stop this game, this pretense of being insulted.

    I do not confuse “The Historical actions of Zionists”, “Ideology of Zionism,” and “Policies of the State of Israel”, but they are linked. The ideology of Zionism is at the root its historical past, and the present policies of Israel.

    Be more precise on the points which you fear can lead to misunderstanding.

    Lchaimlover, you have a degree in English? Congrats.

    But do you truly understand what I wrote?

    In English we can say : “These values make the world safe for everyone” and, depending of the context, mean ” These values WOULD make the world safe for everyone, IF APPLIED…”

    In previous posts, I’ve denounce the conditions of women in Muslim countries, in this post, guess what? I’m saying that the values at the core of Israeli policies are bad. Since Zionism justifies any how for its sacred why. That is what you’re saying isn’t it? That the imperfection of the world justifies either your ignorance or justification for your imperfect conduct (i.e. that of Israel)?

    Alas, your comments are interesting. They enrich the debate!


    MinksyWritesAgain :
    The best way for you to retain your certitudes sir, is for you to hide under a rock.

    Is a challenge to your faith truly so threatening? You loooove reading posts which perfectly agree with you?

    If your only answer to my post is to chide it as “rubbish”, you’re already a goner… It’s the beginning of the end when you can’t rebut your opponents with more than blandishments.

    I’m not exactly a terrorist apologist, nor a leftwing extremist, so if you don’t want to win the battle of ideas, you’ll just have to acuminate your dagger, and bore your barrel. In the long run, I don’t know if this is in your, the Jewish or anyone else’s interests.

    If I suck so bad, it shouldn’t take you too long to prove it. What are you waiting for? If not for my sake, at least for everyone else’s.


    Guys and dolls, I’m obviously waiting for some interesting challenging comments. Come on, try to think a bit more.

  13. lchaimlover said

    If you could write an argument and present it well I would be challenged enough to debate this topic. I have responded to what was clear, and that is all I care to do.

    Keep working at it minsky.

  14. Oyster said

    If you have to resort to belittleing those who believe in Zionism, rather than only attacking the ideas of Zionism itself, then your argument rests on very shakey ground, indeed. If your argument can rest on its own feet without the jibes and insults, then what is the purpose of including them in the first place?

    Let me quote Rav Soloveichik:

    I may attack a certain point of view which I consider false, but I will never attack a person who preaches it. I have always a high regard for the individual who is honest and moral, even when I am not in agreement with him. Such a relation is in accord with the concept of kavod habriyot, for beloved is man for he is created in the image of G-d.

    May we all just argue one another’s points, and not resort to ad hominem attacks. This is a Jewish blog, and we should try to our utmost, even bend over backwards, to avoid Lashon Hara. Amein v’amein.

  15. minsky said

    where did i belittle?

  16. MinksyWritesAgain said


    Minsky is terrible, did you like how he insulted me? One of your blog visitors? Did you like that? I know I did. I always like when I visit a website, click on the ads, and they turn around and insult me openly.

    I love the blog, Minsky is ruining it. It’s not that we disagree, its that he is a unprofessional, reflects poorly on you and well, is a turd.

  17. ArchAgelinAmerica said

    I don’t know if anyone is still following this thread, but I intended to respond in some way and never got down to it.

    I commend your effort Minsky, and it is a valiant one.

    That being said, I am still quite lost in it all. Clearly, I don’t know all the trivia that you seem to know. My knowledge is more general. What I gather from your postings though is some generalized antipathy towards Zionism (and perhaps Zionists). I don’t quite understand why. Do you believe the modern state of Israel is a mistake, or a disaster, or poorly executed, or led astray or what? Do you think it is a bad democracy, or that it is too democratic? Should it abandon democray for halachic law? Or should it abandon its Jewish character altogether? Do you support some two state solution or a bi-national state? And if you support a bi-national state, are you comfortable with the eventual loss of the Jewish homeland?

    I’m pretty sure, whatever the answer is, I probably won’t like it. I might even regret asking. But, I would like a SHORT answer.

  18. minsky said

    Thank you ArchAgelinAmerica,

    I’ll attempt to answer your questions, briefly, as you requested. I am not sure you will like my answers. They do not make much sense without the original post, where their logic is originaly expostulated.

    1) My antipathy to Zionism.
    -explained in the original post. Can’t repeat it all.

    2) Is Israel a mistake?
    Yes. Complete mistake, which does not mean it is illegitimate. It is legitimate by virtue of its existance, not its past. Israel should be strenghtened as a secular, modern state. It should accept its criminal historical origin, and not justify it with the Holocaust (which is irrelevant to the Palestinians).

    3) Is Israel a democracy?
    South Africa, USA pre-Civil Rights, style. It is a democracy in as much as it can be.

    4) Jewish character of Israel?
    Hebrew should be national language. But state must be copletely non-partisan, in respect of ethnicity, and religion. Isreali will become a nationality, not ethnicity or religion. School curriculum completely secular. No religion in schools.

    5) Two state or bi-national?
    Both. Gaza and West Bank, Palestinian, with protection of minorities (Jewish, gay, secularist). Same goes for Israel. It is one state, but with protection of minorities (i.e. equal treatment before the law)

    Basically, I want peace in that part of the world, and I want Jews extricated from the present conflict. Zionism, and Islamism should abandon sectarian visions. A state is needed, which can provide basic public goods to all of its citizens. These include access to secular judiciary (protection from discrimination), equal access to the market (all property is tradable), and right of immigration. Citizenship must be granted on a non-discriminatory basis. I maintain this is contrary to Zionist policy. In as much as this is impossible, the blame lies with those who dreamed up this ridiculous project. We should not give them a carte blanche to pursue it in our name. In fact, we are obliged to provide alternatives.

  19. ishtov said

    I don’t claim to be an expert on the modern history of the Middle East, but did Minsky just defend the Mufti of Jerusalem who sided with Hitler before the creation of the State of Israel?

    Minsky, please pick up a copy of “Myths and Facts: A Guide To The Arab-Israeli Conflict” by Mitchell G. Bard. You seem to be well versed in the myths but not the facts. Here’s the Amazon link:


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