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Brother’s Shadow

Posted by whitefrodude on October 24, 2007

The San Jose Jewish Film Festival had a special showing of the film Brother’s Shadow. What was so special about it your asking….well they had a few guest speakers. The guest speakers included producer John Kapplan, director Todd Yellin, and the one and only Judd Hirsch. You may know Mr. Hirsch from the hit film Independence Day, as he played the sweet condescending Jewish father to Jeff Goldblum.

The film focuses on Jacob Groden(Scott Cohen Law and Order, Numb3rs), a family outcast, who is released from prison days before his twin brother’s funeral. Jacob tries to integrate himself back into a family where his father (Judd Hirsch) loathes him, his nephew doesn’t even know he existed, and a sister in-law that doesn’t know what to do. The one thing Jacob does have going for him is he can make furniture like no one’s business so when the family furniture shop is threated those skills may come into play.

I had a chance to speak with the guest speakers after the show and they mentioned some interesting things. Here are some highlights .

Judd Hirsch: (When asked if he would play the role of the father( I thought, NO, I don’t want to play anyone’s father, I’;m not that old!”

JH: (Talking to Scott Cohen while Scott is trying to bring Judd on board for the movie)”DO you think the part is good for me?”

Scott Cohen:”Yea, because the other part is good for me!”

John Kapplan:(When approached to produce the film) “Todd came to me and said he wanted to make a Jewish Family drama and I said ‘thats really commercially viable, let’s do it.”

The Director Todd Yellin works in San Jose and may come speak at Hillel of Silicon Valley in the near future. I will keep all you Oy-Bayers updated on that.

I encourage you to seek out this movie and watch it you will definitely be talking about the movie on your drive home.


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