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Uber-Exclusive Oy Bay Meetup with Barbie!!!

Posted by Oyster on October 30, 2007

EDK portraitHey devoted fans of Oy Bay,

Jewish blogging maven Esther Kustanowitz (pictured right) has escaped from NYC & is throwing a ROI120 Reunion shin-dig this Thursday evening in SF, and we’re co-sponsoring it as an Oy-Bay Meetup!

Special guest speaker Tiffany Shlain (“The Tribe“, you know, the Jewish Barbie film) will talk about film directing and issues of Jewish identity (… and often describing the creative process…). 🙂

The Tribe iTunes #2FriarYid and I got to meet Tiffany recently at the SF Apple Store for the iTune’s launch of “The Tribe” (check out the trailer on JewTube, by ROI120 friend-o-mine Jeremy!). She’s recently told me that it’s gaining record numbers of downloads (especially for an indie flick!), so go there & download that bit of post-modern Jewwy goodness! Don’t miss their coverage in the NY Times & the Chron, and this great image of them at #2!!

Come for the nosh, the drinks, and the stimulating conversation!

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One Response to “Uber-Exclusive Oy Bay Meetup with Barbie!!!”

  1. […] better to have spun such a great mash-up of vintage footage than the queen of the remix herself, Tiffany Shlain (aka Jewish Barbie, aka “Tribe: The […]

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