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Inside Global Terrorism at SJSU

Posted by lchaimlover on November 5, 2007


Artist Diane Covert speaking about the XRay project, see her today at SJSU.

From Novemeber 4th- 16th, Hillel of Silicon Valley is putting on a fantastic series about terrorism. From Judea Pearl to the XRay exhibit (most recently at Stanford). I don’t have time to outline the whole project right now, but here are today’s great events: SJSU Student Panel on Global Terrorism:
Today: 12-1.30 pm
SJSU students who participated in an anti-terrorism fellowship along with others will duscuss the impacts of global terrorism.
Guadalupe room, top floor of Student Union

Inside Terrorism: the XRay Project:
Today: 2-4 p.m.
Meet and greet session with Diane Covert, the artist of the XRay project.
MLK LIbrary room 225/9, 2nd floor

For directions please call Hillel of Silicon Valley at 408 286 669


2 Responses to “Inside Global Terrorism at SJSU”

  1. Joy said

    The full schedule is available at http://www.hillelsv.org/V2/inside-global-terrorism-schedule.php

    The Consuls General talk on 11/6, the lecture by counter-terrorism expert Amos Guiora on 11/15, and Number 17 movie screenings should all be great events.

  2. AaronfromWG said

    I saw the exhibit in the library on the 4rth floor. It was amazing. I encourage everyone to stop by and take a look. Terrorism is more than something on the news or in political debates.

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