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Help Us! Help Sderot!

Posted by kneidalach on November 8, 2007

Please take 8 minutes of your precious time to view this video:

The Sderot Media Center is an organization that has two main goals:

1) To communicate the day to day reality under the kassam rocket bombings in Sderot and Western Negev to the Israeli and international community through documentation and investigative journalism. Also, the SMC conducts tours for foreign diplomats, government officials, and foreign press in Sderot.

2) To improve the living conditions of Sderot residents through initiating theatrical and art projects, distributing school aid, assisting in bomb shelter building,  liaising between charitable bodies and Sderot organizations, and more.

Help make a difference in the shell shocked lives of the Israeli residents!

There are two ways to help:

1) Volunteer!
In Israel:
There are volunteer and internship opportinities ranging from creating art and theater productions, counceling, marketing/publicity and web design. Please see website for more info.
In the US:
Work to raise awareness for Sderot by organizing cempus events and fundraising project(wink wink!).

2) Donate!
the Sderot Media Center is currently working on renovating shelters, producing a documentry film, initiating a mobile photography exhibit, creating a date base of needy families, as well as providing legal aid for residents and businesses. The organization really needs any help they can get funding these projects.

Let’s make a difference in our siblings’ lives!

For more info please check http://www.sderotmedia.co.il/, and/or
write Noam Bedein, the director, Noam@sderotmedia.com


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