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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

General Assembly

Posted by whitefrodude on November 12, 2007

This is Whitefrodude reporting straight from The United Jewish Committee’s General Assembly in Nashville, Tennessee. Things are amazing here so far. Speakers have included: the governor of Tennessee, the head coach of the Tennessee basketball team (yes he is Jewish and a damn good speaker), Minister of Social Affairs in Israel Yitzhak Herzog, Howard Dean, Ari Sandel (director of the Academy Award winning film West Bank Story), and due up tomorrow is Condoleza Rice. I will be posting up a daily reflection on each speaker when I return home to the Oy-Bay area but encourage all of you to stay tuned to hear all the amazing things from out here in Nashville.


2 Responses to “General Assembly”

  1. Oyster said

    Woo-hoo! Yaaaay WFD!!!! 🙂

    Blog early, blog often!

    Oh, and I’ll tell my friend Esther D(licious). Kustanowitz to be on the lookout for ya! :-p

  2. Esther said

    Sorry I missed the frodude. Looking forward to seeing your assessment…

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