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Come on and Jump Sky Chai

Posted by challahbackgirl on November 14, 2007

Sky High SportsCross-posted from CBDYAG the blog 

Burn some calories before Thanksgiving and join CBDYAG as we go

Sky Chai

Come on and Jump, Jump

Saturday, November 17

Bounce off the walls with fellow Jewish 20 and 30 somethings at Sky High Sports (2880 Mead Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051), the only trampoline fun center on the west coast (Okay, they are working on opening one in Sacramento). Please arrive by 7:45 so we can make sure everyone gets checked in before 8pm. We’ll jump for an hour, trust us, it’s long enough.There’s even a fun foam pit. $9 a person for the one hour. Please wear or bring tennis shoes, (you can jump in tennis shoes or bare feet only). There are lockers to keep your personal belongings as no cell phones are allowed on the trampolines. See the court rules, and directions. We’ll keep the party going afterwards, as the night will be young.

Please RSVP to cbdyag[at]gmail.com or contact us.


5 Responses to “Come on and Jump Sky Chai”

  1. ck said

    Sky Chai??? I’d pounce on you for the cheesiness of that phrase, but 1 hour of trampolining? I am so very hella jealous. So I will dispense with the usual snark and instead request that you insist they open a facility in Jerusalem. If they say no accuse them of anti-Semitism…

  2. Oyster said

    Wawawewa! ck pounces on ChallahBackGirl!

  3. Oyster said

    ck, actually, you should pounce on me (sorry CBG!), ‘cuz I supplied her with that choice cheese.

    To anyone joining us, be warned. People get seriously injured there. When you’re tired, stop jumping. Don’t be stupid and try flips & rolls that you don’t know how to do correctly.

    Check out Yelp. People report that kids have broken their back there…

  4. Oyster said

    ck, can you bounce on Shabbos?

  5. Oyster said

    Kinda disappointing. No bouncy-bouncy, just bowling. Perhaps better luck next time…

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