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The Mortified Guide to Jewish Guilt, Tomorrow!

Posted by Oyster on December 12, 2007

mortified jcc

The Mortified Guide to Jewish Guilt

Thursday, December 13th

Peninsula Jewish Community Center, Foster City


21 and over

7:00 pm Wine and Schmoozing, 7:30 Performance

*Price includes wine

Call today for tickets 650-378-2702 [Flyer]

Say what? Not to be confused with the Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt, this is the latest funk phenomena! What does that mean? I have no clue; I’ve never been! But  Kim of the Peninsula JCC describes it well:

If you aren’t familiar with Mortified, it is a hysterically therapeutic phenomenon in which fearless young adults read from their middle and high school diaries, love poems, songs, school projects etc.  Mortified www.getmortified.com is huge in 11 cities across the country, they have a book out a second one Love is a Battlefield coming out in February.  They’ve created a show with mostly Jewish contributors just for us.   And their founder and director Dave Nadelberg is flying in from L.A. to be part of the line up!

In other news: Oy Bay dropped the latke ball on this one. Did anyone check out Good for the Jews in SF tonight?


One Response to “The Mortified Guide to Jewish Guilt, Tomorrow!”

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