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Alternative Spring Break in Israel with JNF

Posted by challahbackgirl on January 3, 2008

Alternative Spring Break

Okay, I know winter break isn’t passed, but for those of who like Israel and to volunteer here’s an opportunity for Spring Break! Sorry it’s not a free trip, there’s a fundraising requirement, but they give you help. It’s sooo cool that MTV did a feature on it, check out the video clip. Register, see pictures, blogs from last year’s participants, and whole lot more information on their website.

Alternative Spring Break is an incredible seven day opportunity to volunteer and do something you would not do on an ordinary trip to Israel. This March, join JNF and over 300 other young adults in working in communities in the Negev and one day in and around Jerusalem.

Participants will be responsible to raise a minimum of $1050, using an easy online program to communicate by email to family and friends. Monies raised will go towards JNF’s Blueprint Negev campaign supporting Israel’s newest generation of pioneers in developing, inhabiting and preserving the Negev Desert — Israel’s last frontier. Once the money is raised, the program is FREE.

Registration Eligibility and Requirements

  • This trip is for Jewish college students and young adults, ages 18-30.
  • Participants must be out of high school.
  • This trip is intended for people who have already been to Israel (strongly recommended)
  • While in Israel, participants will need to stay with the group at all times.  Participants can invite guests to meet them at lodging areas when there are no scheduled programs.
  • Participants are responsible for round trip transportation to New York from their home communities.


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