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First Duty of Cupertino Mayor Sandoval Spreading Hanukkah Light

Posted by challahbackgirl on January 6, 2008

Cupertion Mayor, Dolly Sandoval at the Cupertino Chabad Community Menorah LightingDolly Sandoval (pictured at right) was sworn in as Mayor of Cupertino on December 4, on December 9 she performed her first duty as Mayor when she attended Cupertino Chabad’s Hanukkiah Lighting. This may not be most common first as Mayor, but she loved it and the community she works for.

For the past few years, ever since Chabad Cupertino existed it has held an annual candle lighting at Cali Mill Plaza on the corner of De Anza and Stevens Creek. Hanukkah this year was no different, as community members gathered near the sculpture on the plaza only a few feet away from the Christmas tree also in the plaza for food, toy drive and of course candle lighting. While this is a busy intersection, with sirens going in the background, the newly sworn in Mayor of the city spoke proudly as well as Chabad of Cupertino Rabbi Reuven Goldstein both helped spread the Hanukkah light. See the videos to hear what they had to say. A couple other council members were in attendance as well.

It’s their tradition to pass out candles to everyone in attendance and pass the light, pictured. As well as lighting their large Hanukkiah.

Earlier that day, Sunnyvale Chabad held a community lighting and celebration outside Izzy’s Brooklyn Cafe. They had crafts, an ice menorah carved, live band and of course food. This event drew a crowd, see the videos and pictures from this bloggers few minutes there.

Here’s a few short video’s:

You can also enjoy these pictures from both events.

[Editor’s Note: Sorry, for the delay in this article that’s almost a month old, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles]


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