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Fuck you, Raju!

Posted by Oyster on February 2, 2008

arun gandhi arafat

Many of us have already heard about the outrageous comments that were written by Gandhi’s grandson. In this article, a bay area “social activist” (whatever that means) named Raju decided that the myth of Jewish supremacy and media lock-down needed another shot in the arm:

Raju Rajagopal, a San Francisco Bay Area-based social activist who works on communal harmony issues, agrees with the “gist” of Gandhi’s comments on the culture of violence endangering the world, and the “need for the Jewish community to move on beyond their moral paralysis, which is not allowing them to sufficiently feel the pain of the Palestinians to make an honourable peace with them.” But he is surprised Gandhi was willing to ruffle feathers on an issue on which many prominent personalities have had to “capitulate to pro-Israel forces”. Rajagopal believes Gandhi is the pro-Israel lobby’s latest ‘victim’.

What did the poor victim of the Zionist media, Arun “my grandfather was famous, so listen to me” Gandhi, say? Oh, nothing offensive at all!

“Would it not be better to befriend those who hate you?… Apparently, in the modern world, so determined to live by the bomb, this is an alien concept. You don’t befriend anyone, you dominate them. We have created a culture of violence (Israel and the Jews are the biggest players) and that culture of violence is eventually going to destroy humanity,” he wrote.

Oh! Those pesky, pernicious Jews! And that shitty little country that threatens world peace! At it again!

Raju, from the bottom of my heart: fuck you. You seem to have the same mental disease that Monhadas “Go sing kum-ba-ya in front of the Nazis” Gandhi had. If I were a member of the Indians for Collective Action, I would be ashamed to have someone as hate-mongering as you on their executive committee.

In a bit of Antisemitic dementia, Angana Chatterji, associate professor, California Institute of Integral Studies, says, “To target him, rather than engage with him in dialogue, is sad and cruel.”

Excuse me, oh learned professor. But what exactly did the evil Jewish lobby do? Where is our feared command center, where we press a big read button labeled, “target Arun Gandhi”? When he has the chutzpah to claim that the relentless slaughter of my family by the Nazis is being used for political purposes, that’s “dialogue”. When the Jewish community, obviously incensed, responds, its “targeting” and “cruel”? Moron.


13 Responses to “Fuck you, Raju!”

  1. Islam is the biggest proponent of violence, not Jews. Jews are the biggest proponents of being wimps and not fighting back. Could you imagine the reaction if North Korea started shooting rockets over its border into China. North Korea would cease to exist after about one day.

    This is further proof that Jews are held to different standards than other people. When we defend ourselves, we have crossed the line into oppressing others. Does Arun Gandhi have any idea what is going on in the Sudan?

  2. Ish Tov said

    Are you allowed to say the F-word on the internet? And on Superbowl Sunday no less? It looks like we may have a keyboard malfunction here.

    Just busting your chops Oyster. What’s also upsetting about all of this is that when we practice our right to freedom of speech and it has some sort of effect (although I don’t recall anyone asking for this guy’s resignation), it’s “There the Jews go again, controlling everything.”

    AFWG, you make a good point about Israel often showing too much restraint and still getting blamed for everything, but let’s not do to other what is being done to us. There are many regular everyday Muslim folks who are good people. These fanatic terrorist leaders use their own interpretation of Islam to manipulate their masses, many of whom can’t even read the Koran.

  3. jewlicious said

    Someone’s been influenced by evil Jew Web sites I think.

  4. Oyster said

    AaronfromWG: I’m confident that if Arun’s grand-pappy hated the Sudanese, then he’d hate them, too.

    IshTov: “keyboard malfunction”, lol! That’s a f**king great line.

    Jewlicious: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  5. I am not against individual Muslims. Some of my best friends are Muslims, really. 🙂
    I am against Islam which promotes violence and world domination. All Muslims would agree that to be a good Muslim you should try to live your life like their prophet, Mohammed. Who was Mohammed and what did he do? He was a warlord who in his attempt to gain power and control over a region, exterminated entire Jewish and non-Jewish tribes. He personally sawed the heads off of prisoners and raped Jewish wives. The women and children were sold into slavery in many cases. He consummated a marriage with a nine year old girl, Aisha. He was a child molester. Peoplem like this have no business living in the USA. Muslims who reject this and are fleeing from it do have a place in the USA. There are Muslim leaders in London who advocate marriage with 9 year old girls. “Moderate Muslim” is a oxymoron. A true moderate Muslim is someone who rejects some of the fundamental tenants of Islam. It has nothing to do with interpretation.

  6. Oyster said

    I disagree with you, AFWG. I think there are religious extremists in Islam (in particular, the Wahabi sect seems particularly totalitarian), and there are many moderate Muslims living around the world. It’s a perception problem. Moderate Muslims don’t make the news, so we assume that they don’t exist.

    If anything, they have been too quiet in challenging the extremists to misinterpret their way of life to the rest of the world.

    The problem is that it’s hard for an opposition against Muslim extremists to develop in any Arab country, where they won’t be pigeon-holed into being apologists for the current regime. Egypt comes to mind.

  7. Moderate Muslims are those who reject the Koran in part or whole. You can not be moderate and follow the entire Koran, unless killing Hindus can be considered a moderate position. In Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and most other respected religions there are no calls to violently take over the world and force everyone to follow their religion like in Islam(except Jews and Christians who only have to live as persecuted and tolerated filth). The is fundamental to Islam like Hindus not eating beef. The majority of the non-Muslim world has yet to either open their eyes or educate themselves on the dangers. I suspect the world will only do so when it is outnumbered and hopeless.

    I mentioned this here before but I’ll do it again. Just because something is a religion does not make it peaceful and good, no matter how you interpret it(Satanism). Nazism can easily be considered a religion with all its Aryan dogma and beliefs. Is Nazism a religion of peace that has been misinterpreted and hijacked by radicals. Come to think of it, Nazism and Islam have many similarities.

  8. Friar Yid said

    I don’t think Arun’s Israel and Jew-bashing extends merely from the fact that it was something his grandfather touched upon. Rather, I would attribute it to the fact that very often, people that have been told by a great many people that they are so smart, talented, adept at bridge-building, etc., as both Gandhis were, have a bad tendency to try to address things they simply don’t know anything about. To me, it seems fairly apparent that whatever info A.G. had on the I-P conflict was probably one-sided and coming from a group or groups of people with a particular POV and agenda. That itself is not the problem, the problem is that he swallowed it uncritically and didn’t bother to actually look for the other side of the story before he opened his mouth. THAT should be why he was asked to resign, because he demonstrated not only a severe bias and lack of critical judgment, but also a profound intellectual laziness that ultimately benefits no one who is attempting to actually solve deep and complex ethnic and religious divisions in the world. Gandhi disqualified himself from his position, showing, as with his grandfather, that you can be a smart and insightful person on some issues, but that doesn’t make you qualified to offer advice about everything.

    A lesson many people today could stand to learn.

  9. Yoni said

    The Animalstinians along with the rest of the Koranimals will never understand. They do not respond to reason and are not capable of peace. Thus, we have no option but to treat them as one treats an animal.

  10. Friar Yid said


    This makes me think of a Korean crossed with a farm animal.

    Also, it makes you sound like a dope.

  11. Yoni said

    “Friar Yid”

    This makes me think of a Peres crossed with a hippie.

    Also, a solution to your dopiness: Quranimals.

  12. Friar Yid said

    This makes me think of a Peres crossed with a hippie

    I’m curious; how so? I’m not aware of Peres or that many hippies joining Christian monastic orders.

    Also, a solution to your dopiness: Quranimals

    Yeah, but now it just looks like some Jewish studies weirdo rewrote it for you. Or Worf from STNG.

  13. anony-moses said

    Ghandi’s approach of non-violence (“ahimsa”) takes some chutzpah. you really have to be a little illogical and see past the apparent facts of the matter to become a person without a gun standing up to a person with a gun. so i think it is quite contradictory for such an ahimsa-nik person to come to you with a perfectly logical argument and say, “be friends with the arabs.”

    my $0.018 (10% discount!)

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