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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Oy Bay Gets Political

Posted by Oyster on February 5, 2008

 From all of us at Oy-Bay.org: Vote as you please, but please vote!

ALAT Gershom NeusbaumALAT Bill Clinton

In case you haven’t gotten the message, I tend to get lonely (jealous?) when some of Oy Bay’s talented writing staff have a real life get involved in other worthwhile activities. 🙂

ALAT PelosiALAT Albright

So just let me take a moment to kvell about our very own A Lily Among Thorns! She’s currently the campaign chair for all of Santa Clara County (aka “Silicon Valley”) for a certain lady! Mazal tov, ALAT!!! 😀

As you can tell from this great news, and these photos of ALAT with prominent public figures (please, no Jewish intern jokes!), she’s really making a name for herself at Berkeley, and in the regional political arena. Seriously. J-Lifer’s legs quiver at the very thought of being so close to SF Mayor Gershom Neusbaum! Khazak v’ematz! May you go from strength to strength. All of us here at Oy Bay are very proud of you.



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