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The Joys of Cross-Cultural Exchange

Posted by FriarYid on February 6, 2008

bratman aguilera bris

Bris me, I’m Jewish!

It’s been several years now since pop artist Christina Aguilera (a Catholic, if you couldn’t tell) married Jewish marketing exec Jordan Bratman. The couple had a baby boy this past January, who was saddled with the respectably Jewish-sounding name of Max Liron Bratman.

But there’s more. Not only did baby Bratman get a Jewish moniker, he also got to experience the Jewish welcome wagon in the form of a bris.

Well, with a few twists.

The SF Chronicle reports that Aguilera

refused to allow the sacred ceremony to become a somber affair and turned the bris into a big party.

And of course, what fun party would be complete without balloons?

Yeah, that’s right, balloons.

“We’re such a non-conventional couple, we had a lot of penis balloons everywhere.”

Ow. My poor brain. I can only hope they didn’t get a clown, too.

The Chronicle adds that Aguilera

admits she now knows how to celebrate the rite of male circumcision.


Aguilera also mentioned that she’s enjoying experiencing Jewish traditions with her husband- and apparently is even happy with having a set of Jewish in-laws.

“My mother-in-law gives a lot of great advice.”

Yes, you’ll find she is capable of dispensing “advice” about all topics just about all the time. Even when you thought she was asleep.

Many congratulations and Mazel Tovs to the Bratman clan. And Christina, here’s some free advice: if Jessica Simpson can get away with selling edible makeup, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to cash in on your own line of inflatable bachelorette-party entertainment. Just saying.


3 Responses to “The Joys of Cross-Cultural Exchange”

  1. Oyster said

    Oy! What a yiddishe nomen for a goyishe kinder! 🙂

  2. Our mutual friend at the Jewish Angle sent me.

    This is HILARIOUS.

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