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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

A Jerusalem Between Us – March 4th‏

Posted by kneidalach on February 18, 2008

NIF invites you to join us for a special performance and reception

at the Traveling Jewish Theatre in San Francisco

 Tuesday, March 4 at 7:30pm 

A Jerusalem Between Us takes stock of some of the recent controversies that have divided Americans and American Jews. The play untangles the Rachel Corrie controversy, considers the word “apartheid”, reflects on the spirit of Jewish values, and wonders what’s left of the Left. Giving voice to different characters he meets along his journey, one man reflects on the spirit of his childhood as he travels from America to the Middle East in search of answers to some of the most provocative questions of our time.

TICKETS: $15, available at the Traveling Jewish Theatre. Call 415.522.0786 or email tickets@atjt.com (advance purchase recommended)


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