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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Kneidalach’s floating in the Jewlicious soup

Posted by kneidalach on March 4, 2008

Some of my personal highlights from Jewlicious, starting from last to first:


~Singing a morose melody while packing up and looking through the window to the exit.
~ “Unsettled” a movie by Adam Hootnick.
The movie follows 6 people through the settlement pullout from the Gaza strip.
for me, I was in tears the whole movie. The difficult psychological situation
that both the settlers and the soldiers were facing was very moving. To me, the
most moving part was to see religious Jewish settlements and communities. As
a newly observant Jew in a non Jewish environment, I came to appreciate
immensly the fact that we have a state where we can be openly observe our
I have never heard his music before, unfortunately, and I’m glad I finally got to
hear him. He was amazing! His music, and his lyrics, is eternal and yet
relevant. Guess who was in tears and paralyzed? I think the Kneidalachs came
out really salty.
Don’t you guys think it would be a great name for a first-cousin-twice-
removed LA Jew blog? Oyster led a nice discussion about the future of Jewish
blogs in LA with about one or two native LAliens.


~Late night Jammin’
Adam from Montreal lead an awesome 3am Jamming session with his Soprano
sax. If anyone has his contact info, I want it!
~Rock Concert!!
With Y-Love, Yuri Lane(beatbox), Rav Shmuel, and HaMoshav
Excellent music! Excellent dancing! (excellent dancing partner)
~Lovely Motzei Shabbos shower… mmm….
~Havdala with nigunim and a warm, 400 people group hug

~Shabbos!!! Food, people, praying, singing!!
and discussion panels.
~What to dowith anti-Semitic/Zionist professors?
Throw them to the garbage!
and if not, just document what they say in order to build a cause, and
become/stay educated and on top of things so you can thrust with your
sharp and knowledgeable Jewish tongue.


~Amazing Kabbalat Shabbat! The traditional Minyan had CRAZY dancing, and we, the
girls, had SO much fun! No wonder the puritans discouraged
dancing, it’s way too wild and it brings too much happiness.

~Hunington Beach, yay!

~Over night bus to Long Beach
ended up with 6 hours of sleep and a sore tail bone.

It was a remarkable experience! I’m very happy that I went and next year I’m going to nudge you personally to move your Tachat or Tush-tush southward (or Negba).

I find it sort of ironic that being a photographer, and all that, I practically didn’t take a single photograph.
Live in the moment, man! live in the moment *sniff*!

So next year, before we go to the built Jerusalem, let us stop by Jewlicious 5.0

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