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Young SF Reform Jews ‘Gamble’ with Move to Israel

Posted by Oyster on March 5, 2008

corey young SF Jews Aliyah100 plus SF Jewish hipsters due to ship out to Israel. Mission Minyan and Late Shabbat not expected to notice.

Well, Tamar is looking for her job prospects at not reclaiming the land, but working at an online gambling company in Tel Aviv. And as for Corey (pictured) ? His rabbinically-inclined zaydeh started Congregation Beth Am (word-up, Adam)! A fascinating article about how the Reform Movement has gone from open hostility to Zionism and the State of Israel, to having the encouragement of Aliyah as a central plank of their Miami Platform. And now, this article highlights how the Jewish Agency has hired someone full-time to focus on ® Reform Jews.


2 Responses to “Young SF Reform Jews ‘Gamble’ with Move to Israel”

  1. kneidalach said

    He’s so cute! Too bad he’s reform 😉

  2. FriarYid said

    Wow, moving to Israel while there’s still discrimination against Reform Jews and Judaism (in fact, it looks like things might even be getting worse)? They’re surely better folks than I am.

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