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Darfur Rally in SF April 9

Posted by challahbackgirl on March 14, 2008

Darfur Rally
Wednesday, April 9On Wednesday, April 9, San Francisco will play host to the official Beijing Olympic Torch Relay. Tens of thousands of Bay Area residents, joined by journalists from around the world, will take to the streets, as China attempts to present a friendly, spirited image to our country as well as international community. (San Francisco has been chosen to be the ONLY U.S. host of the torch relay!)

As you may know, the Chinese government is the major military and diplomatic sponsor of the genocide in Darfur. Among other things, Beijing’s leaders supply the Government of Sudan with the small arms and other weaponry that it needs to kill Darfuri civilians. In this and other ways, the Chinese government has fueled a conflict that has seen the deaths of over 400,000 innocent people.

The Save Darfur Coalition, Dream for Darfur, STAND: An Anti-Genocide Coalition, and the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition, and other groups are planning an unprecedented rally for April 9. People from coast to coast — from Portland to Washington, DC — are bringing “Delegations of Conscience” to San Francisco, in order to urge the Chinese government to help stop the genocide in Sudan. This peaceful rally will bring together a truly diverse coalition of activists, including teachers, students, hundreds of Sudanese refugees, and more than a few celebrities!

A successful April 9 event can translate into a world of difference for the people of Darfur. After Steven Spielberg resigned as an artistic advisor to the 2008 games, China immediately starting addressing the Darfur issue in a more robust way, even going so far as to criticize the Sudanese government in modest yet definite diplomatic terms. Here, the Darfur movement’s reasoning is this: If Steven Spielberg can have such an actual policy effect, so can we … but only if we turn out thousands of voices of conscience on April 9.

Please join us for this rally! We really want this to be a day of interactive learning… and we really think that April 9 can be a day of student empowerment, in particular. Because while it is one thing to read inspiring stories about the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-Apartheid movement, etc., it is another thing entirely to be an agent for change within a similar social movement. For more information, please contact Sivia Van Gundy at 408.354.6428.


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  1. DPANY said


    Darfur News
    Press Releases
    Crisis in Darfur
    Take Action
    DPANY Guestbook
    Contact Us

    ا ابراهيم عبدالله بقال سراج

    China’s Genocide Olympics

    Refugees in Darfur told Ellen Ratner they had their houses burned and their cattle taken

    بيان من رابطة ابناء دارفور ببلجيكا حول الحادث الذي اودي بحياة رئيس الرابطة عبد الرحمن محمد ادريس جودة
    Clooney’s Ocean Gang Gives Big to Darfur
    مئات القتلي..و12 آلف يفرون من غرب دارفور،والجيش والجنجويد يطبقان سياسة (الأرض المحروقة )!!
    UN Says Refugees Fleeing New Attacks in Darfur, Many to Dangerous Area of Chad

    طائرات سودانية تقصف مواقع في دارفور
    ساركوزي ينتقد السودان على خلفية مقتل جندي فرنسي
    Chad/Darfur Rally & March from UN to Sudanese Mission 3-2-08 NYC
    رابطة طلاب وادي هور بالجامعات والمعاهد العليا: بيان رقم (1
    Darfur Refugees Continue to Cross into Eastern Chad
    ثلاثة آلاف يغادرون دارفور إلى تشاد خلال أسبوع
    Britain: Peacekeepers Needed in Darfur
    مقتل أكثر من 200 شخص باشتباكات عرقية في دارفور

    لبرلمان الأوروبي يدعو للضغط على الصين” لوقف تصدير السلاح إلى السودان

    VIGIL at the US Mission to the UN
    Banditry threatens UN food distribution in Darfur
    Banditry threatens UN food distribution in Darfur
    الدكتور علي بابكر نهار

    بوش يطالب بقوة دولية “متينة” في دارفور
    A letter from the world’s Nobel laureates to China: You must act on Darfur
    ستيفن سبيلبيرغ ينسحب من اولمبيات الصين بسبب دارفور


    Rally for Chad & Darfur
    رابطة ابناء دارفور بنيويورك تنظم تظاهرة امام السفارة الصينية
    Join us in our ongoing efforts to put pressure on the Chinese government.
    رابطة ابناء دارفور بنيويورك تنعي السيدة / سارة الفاضل

    بوش ” يقول إن ما يجري في دارفور إبادة جماعية ولا بد من فعل شيء حياله
    Bush complains Darfur action moving too slowly

    On Monday, President Bush signed the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act (SADA) into law
    صور إحتفلات رابطة أبناء دارفور بنيويورك بعيد الأضحى المبارك

    Tuesday Call: Don Cheadle, Members of Congress, Darfur Activists to Press President to Sign, Implement Divestment Bill
    هل تتجه أمريكا لعمل عسكري في دار فور؟
    US Congress to Pressure Sudan to End Darfur Crisis
    بوش يحول معسكرات قيمتها 40 مليون دولار دعما للقوات الهجين في دارفور
    رابطة أبناء دارفور بنيويورك تشارك في المسيرة الكبرى المناهضة  لانعقاد دورة
     الالعاب الاولمبية بالصين الصيف القادم

    رابطة ابناء دارفور بنيويورك ترسل الحاوية الرابعة من المساعدات الانسانية الي معسكرات اللاجئين الدارفوريين بتشاد
    Darfur People’s Association of New York
     Mission Statement
    · Help newly-arrived Darfuris adjust to American society
     · Unify Darfuris throughout the USA so they may become a powerful voice for advocacy
    · Raise public awareness about the critical situation in Darfur
     · Advocate for Darfur at all levels of the United Nations and the U.S. government
    · Encourage humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work  throughout Darfur and in Chad-based Darfuri refugee areas
    · Support cultural, social, infrastructure and other developmental projects and investments in Darfur
     · Help establish democracy in Sudan
     · Help end the social, political, and economic marginalization of Darfur within the economy and power structure of Sudan
     · Establish and promote the value of tolerance, peaceful cohabitation and dispute-resolution among all Sudanese peoples
    · Advocate for issues of concern to women and youth, emphasizing education and health

    What You Need to Know
    Over 400,000 civilians are reported to have died;
    4.2 million people have been categorized as “war affected,” dependent on international assistance;
    2.1 million Darfurians have been displaced within Sudan;
    Almost 240,000 refugees are being hosted by Chad and the Central African Republic; and
    Hundreds of villages have been burned and livelihoods destroyed

     Your Darfuri neighbors
    Are you aware that, in the Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn, more than 300 refugees from Darfur, Sudan are making a home … and are trying to protect their family, friends and others left behind, in Internally-Displaced Person (IDP) camps Darfur, and in refugee camps in the adjacent country, eastern Chad.do so, they created the Darfur People’s Association of New York (DPANY).

    About DPANY
    Founded in 2003 by Darfurians living in the New York area, our purpose is to gather Darfurians together to strengthen our sense of community. As a non-profit organization , we want to build cooperation with our new neighbors and to influence the tragic events in the region of Africa from which we were forced to flee. We hope to help Darfur achieve peace and progress to a bright future.
    DPANY Approach
    We wish to achieve these goals by coordinating with the various Darfur groups and carrying on cultural and communication programs with them. We will
    · Work side by side with all Darfurian organizations in the United States and elsewhere in the world;
    · Encourage Darfurians in the US to educate themselves and train in various fields that can be used for rehabilitation after war;
    · Encourage NGOs to provide necessary aid to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in
    · Darfur and refugees in Chad;
    · Help all warring parties to settle the conflict and reconcile.
    DPANY Goals
    · Help newly arrived Darfurians to adjust to American society
    · Raise public awareness regarding the situation in Darfur
    · Unify Darfurians in the USA so that they may become a powerful voice
    · Advocate for Darfur at all levels of the UN and the US Government
    · Encourage humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to work in Darfur
    · Support cultural, social and developmental projects in the region
    · Help establish democracy in the region and lift the social, political and economic marginalization from which it suffers
    · Advocate for the issues of concern to women and youth
    · Establish values for peaceful cohabitation, tolerance and resolution of disputes

    Donate to Help Darfur People’s Association of New York
    Ahmed Haroun

    In charge of Darfur in 2003 and 2004 as deputy interior minister
    ICC says his work included recruiting, funding and personally arming Janjaweed militia
    As humanitarian affairs minister he oversees Darfur’s two million refugees
    Aid agencies accuse of him of hindering their efforts to access the displaced
    Ali Kushayb
    Known as “colonel of colonels”
    Commanded thousands of Janjaweed in mid-2003
    Allegedly promoted and witnessed rape and torture as part of the war strategy
    The government says he has been in detention since November for Darfur attacks

    Q&A: The ICC

    DPANY Refugee Camp Drive pictures

    خداع الشعب

    DPANY Guestbook
    اكتب تعليقك



    Brooklyn For Peace



    ذمة دارفور
    منبر دارفور
    تراث دارفورا
    تعليقات القراء
    مواقع هامة
    دليل الرابطة
    اصدقاء الرابطة
    تصل بنا

    تغطية خاصة

    أبرز قرارات مجلس الأمن حول دارفور

    دارفور.. ماذا يجري على يسار العالم العربي؟! 
    دارفور.. التاريخ والقبائل والجنجاويد

    page conter

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