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Tomorrow Online Israel Solidarity Rally: One Voice, One Message, Together for Israel

Posted by challahbackgirl on March 19, 2008

Together for Israel Online Israel Solidarity RallyFrom CBDYAG the Blog
You don’t have to leave your computer for this Rally, join with people from around the world in support of those living under fire in Israel. Together4Israel is bringing the rally online, come together as one voice with one message, you just have to log on. The Rally is at 11pm in Israel, 2pm in the Oy-Bay Area just log on to Together4Israel.org the rally will be 1 hour. They ask that “Even if you won’t be home then, please attend by just going to http://www.together4israel.org before you leave and leaving your computer on.” Visit their website to signup for a reminder e-mail, SMS or both; see other ways to help, the sponsors, a PDF flyer and more.

Join the Facebook event. You can watch it with others at the Hillel of Silicon Valley, see the Facebook event for this showing.

The schedule is below and a link to more about the speakers.

Together4Israel WebCast Schedule

11:00 p.m. Sderot, Israel
Marc Belzberg
Sderot Choir
Alan Dershowitz
Irwin Cotler
Victims of Terror
11:15 p.m. Jerusalem, Israel
Natan Sharansky
Rabbi Lifshitz
Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau
11:25 p.m. Johhanesburg, South Africa
11:30 p.m. Paris, France
Jewish Community Leaders
11:35 p.m. London, England
Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks
11:40 p.m. Brazil
11:45 p.m. New York, NY
Malcolm Hoenline
Elie Weisel
12:00 a.m. Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Marvin Hier
Jon Voight
Jimmy Del Shad
12:10 a.m. Sydney, Australia
Throughout the presentation, remarks from Senators John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama regarding Sderot will be presented.

Here’s the press release:

Record-Breaking Online Solidarity Rally
to Support Israelis Under Fire

OneFamily Expects 1 Million to join Together4Israel.org Event
to be Broadcast on March 20 from Seven Cities on Four Continents

JERUSALEM, Israel – March 10, 2008 – OneFamily Fund, a non-profit organization that helps victims of terror, has planned seven, simultaneous solidarity rallies around the world on March 20th to show solidarity with the People of Israel. The rallies will be broadcast live on the Internet, starting in Sderot and moving around the world, creating the first-ever global cyberspace rally to support Israel. The goal is to inspire Jews on every continent to log on and watch the event from home by simply logging on to http://www.together4israel.org, a website created especially for this event.

Alan Dershowitz, the renowned American international lawyer and author of, “The Case for Israel,” and Irwin Cotler, the former Canadian Justice Minister will kick off the evening with a live web cast from Sderot, on the Jewish holiday of Purim, together with the residents of Sderot and those who have been wounded.

“The world needs to know that Jews everywhere support Israel’s right to defend itself,” said Dershowitz. “We’re starting in Sderot because the people there live under a constant barrage of kassam rockets, but our message is that terror cannot be tolerated from anyone, not from Hamas, not from Hezbollah and certainly not from Iran.”

“OneFamily Fund is encouraging everyone to log onto this event and be counted amongst the supporters of Israel. Send a message to everyone in Israel that we in the Diaspora care about you. If you cannot watch the event, leave your computer on the rally site in order to be counted,” said Marc Belzberg, Chairman of OneFamily Fund.

The opening event in Sderot will be followed by a stop at the Western Wall to say Tehillim (Psalms) with the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yonah Metzger and the former Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau. Natan Sharansky, the former MK and Refusenik will also address the crowd. The cameras will then take the event live to the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom at his synagogue rally and then to New York City, broadcasting from the synagogue of Kehilath Jeshurun on the East Side at 6:00pm EDT with local dignitaries. Reggae Star Matisyahu will perform live from New York.

The broadcast will then jump to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, where Rabbi Marvin Hier, Academy Award winning actor Jon Voigt and the Mayor of Beverly Hills will speak, together with local dignitaries and Hollywood personalities. Pre-Taped messages from the U.S. Presidential candidates – Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain – will also be played for audiences. Australia will be the last stop.

The entire broadcast rally will be one hour and will be broadcast live on the web at www.together4israel.org.

The night of March 20, which coincides this year with Purim, was chosen as the event date for specific reasons.
”We wanted the rallies to happen on Purim,” said Belzberg. “2,000 years ago, Mordechai asked Esther to gather the Jews together, to unite, since the unity of the Jewish people is a critical component of our salvation. Today we’re asking the same thing. Logging on and being part of this global solidarity rally will be a big boost to Jewish unity and will give the people of Israel and Sderot strength and courage.”

The current list of official sponsors of the event includes Jewish National Fund, The Simon Wiesenthal Center, The World Jewish Congress, Hillel: The Foundation of Jewish Campus Life, Israel on Campus Coalition, The Orthodox Union, Devote South Africa, The Israel Project, The United Synagogue of England, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and The Israel Institute.

There will be updates on the website as additional special guests and organizational sponsors join.

Don’t forget to log on and be counted!


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