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Day 5 of the Great Bay Area Matzah Famine

Posted by Oyster on April 23, 2008

Oy! No more matzah?!?!!

I suspect that some lil’ Jew-kiddies got clever, and figured that they could get more of a ransom if they just ‘found’ some more Afikoman… But what do I know? Check out these other news sources for more discussion:

And, of course, refer to our previous coverage:

Still saddened by the lack of flat wheaty goodness? Here’s an oldie-but-a-goodie from our buddy Suburban Homeboy (aka Eric Schwartz) to cheer you up:


4 Responses to “Day 5 of the Great Bay Area Matzah Famine”

  1. Oyster said

    lol, my friend Bill writes:


    WHAT: Unleavened Bread
    WHERE: Mission Minyan Pesach Retreat
    CIRCUMSTANCES: Matzoh stash pilfered in midnight run. Police suspect the Ritual Object Bandits (ROB), the same cabal that masterminded the recent intimidation of beloved San Francisco trader, Joe. By manipulating Bay Area matzoh markets with their strong-arm tactics, the ROB have already made millions off the current shortage. It appears, however, that they have shot themselves in the foot with poor planning — facing down the Last Days of Passover, they cannot find the matzoh they themselves need to fulfill their own mitzvot! Silly robbers. Keep shmurring your shmura, is all I can say…
    REWARD: Cash, barter, or trade.

    Um…yeah. Anyone got an extra box or two of matzoh?

  2. Alan Miler said

    The matzah in that box does not appear to be kosher for passover 2008…

  3. Oyster said

    lol, why do you say that? 🙂

  4. […] Oy Bay is covering the story. […]

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