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Yom Ha’Shoah 5768: Blog of the Living, Day 2

Posted by Oyster on April 30, 2008

Oyster marching under the infamous Arbeit Macht Frei (“Work Makes You Free”) gate of Auschwitz on March of the Living, 2006

It has been too long since last I wrote about my March of the Living trip. Well, it’s Yom Ha’Shoah, 5768. It’s about time. I hope that I post these pictures with greater frequency.

Too many words, too many emotions, too many memories. I cannot convey the powerful, confusing, intense experience of marching with 8,000 Jews from all over the world, to the ‘Hell on earth’ that I grew up fearing. To Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Please go through the photo album on Picasa linked from the photo above. I’ve annotated my photos with captions that tell more of the story.

A quick note. Since I’m a Hebrew calendar geek, a bit of confusion to clear up. Yom HaShoah is a civil Israeli day of remembrance for the Holocaust. Because of that, it has complex rules for what day of the week it falls on, based on respect for Shabbat. It is nominally observed on the 27th of the month of Nisan, but if it falls on Shabbat or Friday, it is moved earlier to that Thursday (two days before). If it falls on Sunday, it is moved to Monday. Many in the Diaspora aren’t aware of these rules, so there’s often confusion about why Yom HaShoah is being observed on different days in Israel and in the USA.


3 Responses to “Yom Ha’Shoah 5768: Blog of the Living, Day 2”

  1. Marci said

    Thank you for sharing some of your experiences! I have always wanted to go on a March of the Living trip, and I figure that I will, at some point, go as a chaperone. I hope you had a meaningful Yom HaShoah, and that your Shabbat will be restorative. Take care!

  2. Annie Demarest said

    Moi aussi, I will never forget that trip and all the
    emotions we all shared.

  3. […] my trip to Poland as part of the March of the Living in 2006. See the following for the first and second days of the trip. My apologies, but I did not have time to put in captions for the photos. Like […]

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