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Antisemitic Hate Crime at UC Santa Cruz

Posted by Oyster on May 1, 2008

Antisemitic graffiti at Oakes College, UC Santa Cruz

This was received yesterday from a not-so-anonymous tipster. Sigh, do these low-life Antisemites have to do this on Yom HaShoah? Tammi Rossman-Benjamin’s response (she’s a real mentsch, btw) to UCSC’s chancellor below.

Dear Chancellor Blumenthal,

Today I witnessed some very disturbing graffiti drawn with permanent marker on the wall in the hallway outside of Oakes 105. It contained a picture of a plane flying into what appear to be the Twin Towers, with a large Jewish star between them. Underneath the towers is the number “666”, a well-known allusion to the mark of Satan, the embodiment of pure evil. (See photograph of graffiti).

It seems to me the anti-Semitic nature of this graffiti makes it not only an act of vandalism but a hate crime. University officials should inform the campus community that a morally reprehensible act has been committed, and that this is totally unacceptable behavior according to campus codes of conduct and state law.

Thank you for your attention to this very disturbing matter.


Tammi Rossman-Benjamin
Lecturer in Hebrew


6 Responses to “Antisemitic Hate Crime at UC Santa Cruz”

  1. bill said

    This happened some last week, not on Yom HaShoah. I, for one, have no idea even what that graffiti means. Its clearly not very nice, but is it really “morally reprehensible”? Looks more like deranged nonsense.

    Seems like some people like to get upset and claim that the sky is falling. From what I heard the school responded really quick to this minor incident.

  2. Mike said

    Hats off to Tammi Rossman-Benjamin for taking action! It’s not only vandalism but a hate crime and warrants a strong condemnation from the university.

  3. Abe Bird said

    This kind of graffiti means that those who draw it see the US as the “great Satan” that keeps and protects the “little Satan” in between the towers shelter. The painter/s wish/yearn/ may be even act to strive hard to achieve their goal and turn down the all of the US as the twin towers had. If I were American I even would pass my complaint to the local police / FBI.

  4. TaliaC said

    Bill, the school hasn’t done anything about the “incident” except to cover it up with paint. As a banana slug who has class right next to where the graffiti was, I am upset that the administration has yet to issue a statement of public condemnation. That’s akin to pretending like it doesn’t exist; unfortunately such thinking, that the Mossad/Zionist imperialist Jews were behind 9/11 or benefited from it, is quite common here.

  5. Nancy said

    Although a picture may be worth a thousand words, in this case I think posting the photo of the original graffiti actually gives power to the vandal. To circulate and promote the work of his/her hand is to promote his/her ego and ideas.

    Perhaps just a written description (such as the one included in the letter) is sufficient to describe the incident to the public?

  6. Pete Turner said

    I know this is extremely old, but I’m not sure that this should be taken seriously. A few years ago there was a GIF of a giant star of david flying into the twin towers and exploding. It was crude, insensible and funny internet humor.

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