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Today is Yom HaZikaron

Posted by Oyster on May 7, 2008

Today is Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day. One custom associated with the day is standing at attention while a siren is sounded all across the country. Unlike the American counterpart, where we mourn those who bravely gave up their lives so that we could live in freedom by having barbeques and shopping sprees, the holiday is taken VERY seriously. Mainly because everyone is only one or two degrees of separation away from someone who actually fought & died, and almost everyone serves in the army. To get an idea of how seriously Israelis take it, even today, check out this amazing video by ck of Jewlicious, who captured the “freezing” of Kikar Zion as everyone stood at attention for the siren (this video is for the Yom HaShoah siren, actually):

On a related note, there’s a new Bay Area Jewish blog. This one is following the March of the Living community mission trip for the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley, as they travel through Poland and Israel.

And I’m going tonight to a “young adults meet Holocaust survivors” dinner courtesy of the Bay Area Tribe. I recall hearing good things about it last year, so I am looking forward to it.

May Israel never have to mourn the loss of any other soldiers dying in the line of duty, or citizens killed by acts of terrorism. May there be peace for all speedily in our days. Amen.


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