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Celebrating 60 Years of the Modern Jewish Commonwealth

Posted by Oyster on May 9, 2008

Jewlicious’ ck, the CarSitters, and Tasha & Dishka put together this video in direct challenge to me & Phoebe‘s international dance & music-video sensation.

I am dumb-founded by the gravity of what just happened. Yesterday, Jews around the world rejoiced & reflected on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. I chose to mark the day by watching the film “Its Now or Never” with my dad, who came to Israel as a toddler two years after its founding from the Displaced Persons camps in Europe, and was a war-hero from the Six Day War. He really enjoyed the film, both of us being impressed with Yossi Kantz’s portrayal of David Ben-Gurion.

It’ll take a few days for the full gravity of what has just transpired to truly sink in. But in the mean-time, here’s a great party that’s comin’ up!


One Response to “Celebrating 60 Years of the Modern Jewish Commonwealth”

  1. ck said

    Don’t think of it as a challenge Tomer, think of it as an hommage.

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