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Movie Night with The HUB

Posted by shanamaidel on July 16, 2008

The Jewish Film Festival is coming upon us, and that means seeing yourself blown up on the big screen.

The Hub is co-sponsoring a number of events in conjunction with the films as well as sponsoring a number of films themselves.

  • Saturday, July 19 – Warehouse Pre-party for the 28th Annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
    Space Gallery.
    21+  $10 at the door.  The Party opens at 8:30, but the DJ doesn’t hit
    the floor until 10.  Why, m’loves?  This is a party for a film
    festival.  Which means- Screenings.  So bring your critical eyes along
    with your party shoes.
  • Saturday, July 26 – Black Over White at the San Francisco Jewish Film
    Festival followed by a
    post film happy hour at A Bon Port. If you like the Idan Raichel Project, my bet is you will like Black Over White.
    By following the band around, the viewer explores the multicultural
    experience in Israel, particularly for Ethiopian Jews.  The film is at
    4:30 pm at the Castro Theater.  As always , space is limited, so you can buy a ticket in advance here.
    The after-party/happy hour is being co-sponsored by the New Israel Fund,
    and includes whatever the Mediterranean version of Tapas are.  It is at A Bon Port.  The Hub is making you call 415-292-1
    if you want to register for their after-party.  Special guest: The
    filmmaker. Space is even more limited there.  So don’t complain to me
    if you didn’t get in because you didn’t call in advance.  You have been
  • Saturday, August 2 – Flipping Out at

    the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.  This sounds a tad more edgy.
    Post-army service, Israelis tend to like traveling the world.  One of
    the most common places for them to end up in is India, in places like
    Goa.  a good chunk of those people end up taking what in the US would
    be called hard and soft drugs.  Because each person’s biochemistry is
    different, a very small minority of Israelis end up in psychiatric care
    from taking these drugs.  This is their story.  PTSD and Israelis about
    “The Situation,” Lebanon, and the territories.  Tickets here.  @ The JCCSF.

  • Sunday, August 3 – Arab Labor at
    the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.  This is the little screen on
    the Big Screen.  Prime time Israeli Comedic Family.  Except they are
    Arab-Israeli.  And the show, with an Arab-Israeli creator, is not
    afraid to push boundaries when it comes to showing how society really
    works between Arabs and Jews in Israel.  Shown in series of three
    episodes at the SFJCC starting at 1:30.  Tickets here.
  • Saturday, August 9 – Stalags .  I almost cannot believe there
    is a film about this.  I’ve seen this type of literature mentioned to
    me once before at the University of Chicago, by my friend, Adam. This
    is a documentary about a specific kind of literature, know as a
    “Staglag” (hence the title), that was written in the post-Eichmann
    period.  From my understanding of the gloss that my friend was given
    (that is how contentious this literature is), this literature was
    Holocaust Pornography.  They were briefly very popular and then banned.
    (Adam don’t kill me)  It was briefly explained to me that the reason
    this literature came about was to be a form of catharsis:  Without it,
    the great Holocaust literature of the next period of time-Primo Levi
    and Elie Wiesel among others, could never have come about because there
    would have too much psychological anguish.  This film appears to be an
    exploration of the subject.  At the SFJCC @ 8:45 PM.  Tickets here.

Meanwhile, if none of the Hub sponsored films tickle your fancy, check out the humongous list, my fellow film-goers, and write up some reviews.  I want to know what is shvach and what is hot too!!


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