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NYT on Jews & Tattoo’s

Posted by Oyster on July 16, 2008

For those who are “in the know” & avidly follow Jewish blogs, this story is old-hat. Thank HaShem for the NYT, so that the tech-unsavvy can get the stale info rehashed and printed out with toxic ink on dead trees. Yesterday’s news tomorrow, indeed.

Remember that guy at the AIDSWALK a few years back, that had the “Khesed” tattoo (of course you do!)? As I told him, “getting a tattoo in Judaism carries the same gravity as eating a cheeseburger”. No one is going to refuse to bury a Jew because they ate a cheeseburger, nor because they have a tattoo, nor because they are uncircumcised. The latter two are pernicious urban (ghetto?) legends, that persist because these are the type of transgression that stays with you even after you’re dead, and are easily confirmed by the Chevre Kadisha, who might not have known you personally.

For more information, check out all of these Facebook groups devoted to Jews & Tattoos. Whoa.


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