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Copy-Cat Bulldozer Attack in Jerusalem

Posted by shanamaidel on July 22, 2008

The Bulldozer used in the Attack- Courtsey of the NYTimes

The Bulldozer Used in the Attack- Courtesy of the NYTimes

A new form of terrorist. The truck-driver of construction vehicles. Do you really want a Caterpillar driving into your car on purpose?

I have to say, personally, this is actually very terrifying, and very sneaky. The truck-driver is permitted to be there, working, on whatever construction is supposed to be happening. Jews tend to be more educated than Palestinians/Arabs in Israel, and therefore aren’t as likely to be driving the equipment. Palestinians/Arabs with work permits, Palestinian/Arab-Israelis, and Asians make up the vast majority of manual laborers in Israel. How would you feel if the guy whose been working for you for a number of years suddenly drove a truck into oncoming traffic? (Though I can’t say the guy who drove into oncoming traffic worked for the firm for a number of years).



The Muqata– The Truckdriver was shot by a settler from Susya, who is also a grandfather and a schoolteacher, by the name of Yakki (Ya’akov) Asa’el. Hattip for the Youtube video of the shooting.

Ha’Aretz-More info- apparently there are two other supsects. Also some emergency numbers for all those with relatives or close family friends. (though this was apparently very small because Mr. Asa’el acted quickly.)


One Response to “Copy-Cat Bulldozer Attack in Jerusalem”

  1. Yaki Asael was also the schoolteacher of “M” — the hero who killed the terrorist in the first bulldozer attack 22 days ago.

    Coincidence? Of course not.

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