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The Mission Minyan Mishmar is Back, with Chassidus

Posted by shanamaidel on July 31, 2008

This is a notice from the Mission Minyan that we are reposting. Please contact learning<at>missionminyan.org for details.

This Month-

Chassidus. Who doesn’t like a classic Chassidic tale? Especially when you learn something about yourself in the process.

Taught by the awesome Rav David Kasher. And I know he is awesome, because I remember back when he was Reb Kasher the rabbinic intern, and he was great teacher then, and he must have improved with the smicha. He’s teaching about the nature of sin:

SIN: Modern Discomfort seeks Chassidic Help,
There are certainly many particular Jewish laws that stand in conflict with contemporary moral sensibilities. But what about the whole notion of “Sin” itself? Is this a concept we are able to relate to altogether? If not, is there any way to reconcile ourselves to this seemingly central theme in Judaism? In recent years, many have turned to certain Chassidic thinkers in search of a new way of conceiving of sin. We will look at the writings of some of these thinkers and ask if indeed they are able to provide the answers moderns are looking for.

Tonight 7:30PM at 637 Guerrero, between 18th and 19th, San Francisco. Includes meat and veggie chulent. So you can go just for the chulent. (though the chassidus is amazing too..)

And label your calendars. They are having Even More Learning in honor of Tisha B’Av on Sunday, August 10th @ 66 Sharon, (between 15th and 16th and between Church and Sanchez) at 4 pm. The topic is Jewish Sovereignty and the Burden of Government. So double the learning this month, but only one chance at chulent.

Brought to you by the Mission Minyan Learning Committee.


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  1. Oyster said

    mmm… scotch & cholent. :-p

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