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Traditional Minyan in Cupertino on Shabbat:interest survey

Posted by kneidalach on August 24, 2008

We are interested in organizing a Traditional Shabbat service in the
Cupertino area surrounding Seven Springs. People would be welcome from
all over the place but the minyan will take place within this
vicinity. We believe it is in the best interest of the Israeli and
Jewish community of Cupertino to create something of the sort in order
to enrich both our own and our children’s Jewish identity through
traditional worship, study and community.

Before doing so, we would like to survey how many people in the
community will share our vision, who would be willing to come and make
a minyan on a weekly basis on Saturday mornings.

If you would be interested in joining, please email cupertinominyan@gmail.com and indicate
how many adult men, woman, and children you are speaking of.




One Response to “Traditional Minyan in Cupertino on Shabbat:interest survey”

  1. Leslie said

    Do you have to be Jewish?

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