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New 30s & 40s Group Kick-off Event: Frisbee Golf and BBQ

Posted by challahbackgirl on November 5, 2008

cross-posted to Jews’ Next Dor the Blog

Remember Jews’ Next Dor telling you about a new 30s & 40s group forming. Well, they’ve got their first event together. They invite all Jewish 30 & 40 something singles to an afternoon of Frisbee Golf and BBQ. Event information and group description from the organizers below.

New group forming:  Havurah Kickoff Event

For those Jewish singles in their 30’s and 40’s to come and enjoy a fun day outside.  Rain doesn’t cancel as we’ll move into the gym.

Frisbee Golf and BBQ

When: Sunday, November 16, 2008 2pm-5pm

Where:  The field at the Addison-Penzack JCC
Levy Family Campus
14855 Oka Road, Suite 201
Los Gatos , CA 95032

Cost:  $10

Please kindly RSVP to havurahgroup@yahoo.com so we can make sure to buy the right amount for the BBQ.

Please bring a Frisbee if you have one.

Co sponsored by the Addison-Penzak JCC

Description of the group:

New group forming…

We’re putting together a group for 30’s and 40 somethings that would be just for us.

Many of you expressed that the groups now such as YAD or other Jewish groups that we’ve been going to for a few years, seem a bit too young for us, but that the groups that start at 50 plus are too old. So, to fill our niche, I’d like to invite you to this new group or havurah. The group will start out being for singles, but the group may develop into something else as people may meet someone and we’d want some continuity with the group without losing people.

It will be active, fun, have some Jewish content and it will be ours to make it what we’d like.  I hope to have a group that shares holiday meals together, Shabbat dinners, get-togethers, BBQs, havdalah around a camp fire, perhaps some nice sporting events, cultural activities, what ever people feel like doing.  Again, this would be our group and we can gear it to the interests of the group and each of us will have the opportunity to host something of their choosing if they like.  The main goal is to bring Jewish individuals of our age range together for a feeling of community, Jewish values, and you never know, you just might meet someone. If you’d like to help plan events, feel free to email havurahgroup@yahoo.com and we will add you to the organizers list.


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