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Double-Mitzvah: Help Israel & Special-Needs Yid-Kids

Posted by Oyster on November 24, 2008

This just in from one of the “Tzidkaniyot” here in the South Bay:


Attached is an order form for the Chanukah, Shabbat and Havdalah Candle Fundraiser.

The shabbat candles make for a great gifts. All the candles are dripless and last longer than the other brands being sold.

These same candles are being sold at Bay Area Judaica stores for the same price + tax. However, this is a fundraiser to help support the Myuchad (Special Needs) Religious School Program and Israel. A portion of each sale is tax deductible and there is no sales tax.

I will be taking pre-orders up until Tuesday 25th.
On December 7th, there will be a limited selection of candles sold at my synagogue from 9:30 until 12:30.

If you are interested in purchasing candle, please e-mail what you would like to for me to order for you.

Thank-you for supporting these programs.


Looks like she’s doing all that she can to get some attention for her program, including writing to the J. So don’t be a total douche-nozzle. Get some j-gear that will do a double-mitzvah.


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  1. […] the day, the “double mitzvah” candles are on sale at Congregation Beth David from 9am-2pm. They are candles made in Safed, Israel that […]

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