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Yakkety-Yak: The Young Adult Knesset Convenes

Posted by Oyster on December 2, 2008


… don’t talk back!

Imagine my surprise, when I found a paucity of kosher yak meat at the “dinner provided”. NOT AMUSED.

With Josh Miller of the Jim Jospeh Foundation as the Sanhedrin Nasi, running the show, and Dan Wolf, quietly wielding his influence as the Kohen Gadol, the Young Adult Knesset (YAK) convened for only the second time in its history, on Tuesday from 5:30 – 7:30 PM at the Jewish Gymnasium JCCSF. What is the YAK, you ask? Well, last year Dan Wolf wanted to convene a council of representatives from all of the major young adult Jewish groups in the Bay Area. And this is the second convening of said body. There was a loud & excited exchange of ideas as we counted off & broke out into groups (in true Jewish org style) to discuss our common tzuris. A short list:

  • outreach to unaffiliated Jews
  • funding
  • effective marketing to members
  • communal event listing calendar
  • roster of Jewish orgs, clustered by theme
  • welcome package for Jews new to the area
  • co-sponsoring events
  • & more

Unfortunately, the concerns that I raised before the first meeting around about a lack of representation from the South Bay were not evidently ameliorated. To be fair, I don’t know if they were contacted or not. There was this dude Adam from the East Bay Fed, which is better than being 100% pure unbridled SF Jew (not that there’s anything wrong with that…).

Josh is right now wrapping things up, so I should probably stop dividing my attention. Plus, I need to get to the Mumbai Massacre tribute downstairs pretty soon. But there’s some great discussion going on right now about how we can continue our collaboration together.


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