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iGreatMiracleHappenedHere: Geek Up, don’t Greek Up, this Hannukah

Posted by Oyster on December 19, 2008



Here’s an interesting tech-widget just in time for the Challah-Days. Go ahead and support my friend Mike, and get a double-mitzvah while you’re at it! They got a nice article in the J, too. ~Oyster

[UPDATE 12/21/2008] Mike’s iMenorah is featured on the home-page of ZDNet.com!

iMenorah: A menorah lighting application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch!

By downloading iMenorah, you are also supporting San Francisco’s local Jewish Community. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a local San Francisco Jewish charity. Please stay tuned to our website – more details will be posted once we make the donation.

The app is a lot of fun, and you’ll even catch Mike singing the blessings (bruchas) for each night of Chanukah – right from your iPhone or iPod Touch! You can light the candles with the touch of your finger. Take part in the century-old tradition of lighting the Hanukkah candles… now available at your fingertips. 🙂

We thank you for your support, and for supporting San Francisco’s Jewish community.

For more details and a link to the download on iTunes, please see the webpage here:


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