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Oy-Bay Email Subscribers: Switching from Zookoda to FeedBlitz

Posted by Oyster on December 29, 2008

Dear Oy Bay weekly email subscribers,

I’m sorry that the emails haven’t been going out for a while. Turns out that Zookoda has been having some severe problems, and are shutting their doors soon. So, we’re switching services from Zookoda to FeedBlitz for those who want to follow our RSS Feed via email. If you haven’t done so already, you can follow this link to sign up.

If you do not want your email address to transition over, you should unsubscribe from the Zookoda service as soon as you get this blog post in your email via the Zookoda Broadcast that I’m sending out now. It’s at the bottom of the Zookoda email. If that doesn’t work, then send me an email at oyster~at~oy-bay.org. Otherwise, your email address will be moved to FeedBlitz, and you can always unsubscribe via their service.

In order for the transition to FeedBlitz to work successfully, please be aware to:

  • Add feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com to their address books or email whitelists immediately.
  • Only unsubscribe using the links we provide in each email, and not their ISP’s spam or abuse buttons.
  • Look out for the message from FeedBlitz advising them that the change has taken place.

I’m sorry for the drop in weekly email updates, and I hope this transition to a better email service will be smooth and successful.




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