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ALERT: Rally for Israel in San Jose Today

Posted by Oyster on January 5, 2009

AaronFromWG gave me the heads-up. I don’t know much more than this right now. On a different note, a group of pro-Israel supporters that cannot physically attend rallies are willing to assist in creating banners, flyers, signs, etc. to support those at future rallies. Please let me know if you would like to be in touch with them.

Stand for Peace. Stand With Israel.
Counter anti-Israel protesters Today!
Counter the lies, the double standards and demonization!
Please bring Israeli flags and pro-Israel, pro-Peace signs

MONDAY, 5:30PM, JANUARY 5, 2009


One Response to “ALERT: Rally for Israel in San Jose Today”

  1. Michael said

    Anyone know of how we can participate in rallies to support Israel? I have many jewish friends at De Anza College and we would like to know if there are any events coming. the ANSWER group and pro palestine groups are planning another rally at Santana Row this weekend. – Thank you

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