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Photo, Video Coverage of the Silicon Valley Israel Solidarity Rally

Posted by Oyster on January 12, 2009

Anti-Hamas "Jew-ffiyyah" wearing Israel-lubber. Courtesy CBDYAG Blog.

Anti-Hamas "Jew-ffiyyah" wearing Israel-lubber. Courtesy CBDYAG Blog.

Hats off to ChallahBackGirl over at the Jews Next Dor [sic] / CBDYAG Blog. She covered the Pro-Israel Rally this past Sunday with a smorgasbord of photos and video. Check it out. If anyone else went there, could you leave a comment and let us know your impression of the event?


6 Responses to “Photo, Video Coverage of the Silicon Valley Israel Solidarity Rally”

  1. I don’t get it. Why won’t those filthy camel-jockey Muslim scum vacate that dirty little tract of land? Nobody wants them there – not the Egyptians, and certainly not the Israelis. People without a dedicated national homeland should be systematically exterminated from the pages of time. It is my prayer that Israel will show no mercy in eradicating the Arab scum (man, woman, and child) with steady precision. We in America are sick and tired of hearing of their cries, hardships, lack of running water and medical supples, etc… ad infinitum. You are either with the Judeo/Christian military/industrial empire, or you are a splotch of DNA on a fetid street corner.

  2. Helen said


  3. Helen said

    I stopped by, and I don’t know what to say. I’m so curious.. is this truly the opinion of many Israelis?

  4. Michael said

    no he is full of cr*p can’t you tell. He is what I like to call a pimple blogger. He gets under the skin of a legit discussion and injects toxins.

  5. archangelinamerica said

    That is probably some big time anti-Zionist or anti-Semite trying to paint a nasty picture of Jews.

  6. curl said

    Johnny Peepers is being sarcastic. The attitude he has described mimics an anti Jewish one..

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