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Are you a leader?

Posted by yidlit on January 27, 2010

Definition: lead·er·ship n.
1. The position or office of a leader: ascended to the leadership of the party.
2. Capacity or ability to lead: showed strong leadership during her first term in office.
3. A group of leaders: met with the leadership of the nation’s top unions.
4. Guidance; direction: The business prospered under the leadership of the new president.

Do you have the right skills to serve on the Board of Directors of an organization or company? Do you want to become a better leader? If you said yes, then you will be interested in the upcoming leadership seminar. This six month leadership course is provided by SVYAD and is provided at a low cost of $75. If you are not able to afford the cost, scholorships are available. For more information please contact Amanda Orrin at Svyad@jvalley.org


One Response to “Are you a leader?”

  1. Oyster said

    Sounds interesting! Thanks for posting this, YidLit.

    Is this about Jewish Leadership, or about making Leaders that are Jewish? And what’s the difference? 🙂

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