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Desperately Seeking ‘D. Kohen’: A Facebook Saga

Posted by Oyster on May 26, 2010

Publicly-accessible Facebook picture of D. Kohen on her profile page. If you know D. Kohen, please ask her to contact Oy Bay.

In recent weeks, a user known as “D. Kohen” on Facebook has befriended (or attempted to friend) a large number of Jewish young adults in the Bay Area. Some disturbing aspects of this behavior (detailed below) has raised some eyebrows.
But before I proceed, allow me to be absolutely clear that I, to a fault, like to give people the benefit of the doubt. It is my sincerest wish that this is merely harmless case of someone not having a firm grasp of Facebook ‘netiquette’. That is why I am not including the individual’s full name, but only the initial of their first name, to give this person the benefit of the doubt, and their right to privacy.
D. Kohen, or if someone who knows D. Kohen, is reading this: please contact folks via Facebook and clarify what is going on. No besmirching of D.’s name is intended if this is merely a
But that is one aspect of this case that is raising eyebrows. User ‘D. Kohen’ hasn’t replied to repeated requests for information.
Another aspect of her account that is suspicious is how it is structured like what is termed a honeytrap in counter-espionage, or honeypot in computer security. She is a young blond-haired woman, with a profile that mentions that she is new to the area, and possibly searching for a romantic interest.
This is a classic setup for trying to beguile unsuspecting targets.
The question is, if user ‘D. Kohen’ is a honeytrap, to what end? Some possibilities, from least to most sinister:
  • targeted marketing to, or market research of, Bay Area young adults
  • phishing / scam attempt
Now, this could easily be someone with too much spare time on their hands, who for all we know could be a dog typing from Guadalajara, Mexico. Also, to be fair, I’ve also requested information on why people were Facebook’ing me for no apparent reason, and I’ve yet to receive any reply (perhaps they’re just not that into me… aside from the WHOLE FACEBOOKING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!). But those folks are at least known by others in the community, and are openly using Facebook for marketing purposes, so there’s no mystery as to their identity and intentions.
But erring on the side of safety, one of the fearless leaders of the Jews Next Dor [sic], put out the following warning on Facebook:
You have been sent this message because you appear on the friend list
of “D. Kohen.”
Dear All,
It has come to the attention of the Jews’ Next Dor (JND) volunteer
committee that the user “[D.] Kohen” is apparently a fraudulent
profile. In addition to dubious profile information, all attempts to
contact “[D.]” or request verification of her/his identity have
resulted in defriending of the asker.
Our concern is that, for whatever reason, “[D.]” has specifically
sought to friend Jews in the Bay Area. Relying on her/his affiliation
with local Jewish groups and an expanding list of “mutual friends”,
many of our members are blindly friending “[D.]”
The JND volunteer committee encourages you to 1) make your own
informed decision as to the validity of this profile, 2) if you feel
that this user may be misrepresenting her/himself, voice your concern
to Facebook by reporting the profile at
consider defriending or restricting “[D.]” from viewing information
on your own profile that could be abused, such as email, phone, and
other contact information, and 4) pass this information on to “mutual
friends” you may have with “[D.]”
If, however, you happen to have met “[D.]” or can personally vouch
for the validity of her/his profile, please do contact me or anyone
else on the JND volunteer committee and correct our misunderstanding.
Thank you,
S. T.
JND Volunteer
This leader of JND is well-connected with the Israeli criminal underground, so if anything bad should happen, look no further. 🙂 Jokes aside, to be very fair it is not apparent based on D. Kohen’s friend list as of the writing of this post, that all of those that have friended her are exclusively Jewish (as determined based on my highly scientific JEWDAR technology). Some other weird aspects about her ‘Wall’ is that it only extends back a month or so, and it mainly contains her joining groups and friending people, but contains no content originating with any friends of hers. Also, she seems to be blindly joining any local Jewish Facebook group, including the Anti-Zionist Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Pro-Zionist Mitzvah on the Rocks. Perhaps she’s looking to reconcile these two groups?
In reponse to the JND’s warning email, the ‘D. Kohen’ account posted the following message, and swapped the romantic interest part of her profile for a similar statement as the following:
so many weird guys in this area why? is it the weather or do weird people somehow find each other
Make of this what you will, but be warned. And once again, if you know are or know user ‘D. Kohen’, please contact us so that we may clear up matters.

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