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Plant the Dream 2011: A Tu Bishvat Outdoor Celebration

Posted by Oyster on January 16, 2011


Plant the Dream 2011: A Tu Bishvat Outdoor Celebration and Service Project ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Get ready to pick up a shovel and dig, because the Get Fed program of the Jewish
Community Federation is presenting its second annual Plant the Dream: A Tu Bishvat Outdoor Celebration and Service Project.
Tu Bishvat traditionally celebrates the greenness of the world with an emphasis
on trees (which is why some call it the “Jewish Arbor Day”). We are going to plant
trees in San Francisco’s Holly Park to help the San Francisco Park and Recreation Department beautify this City by the Bay.
We will also put a modern spin on this holiday ritual by planting a ceremonial tree.
Honorary tree planters – individuals selected for making a major green difference in our community and world – will dig into the lush soil and “plant” their green dream for 2011.
The honorary planters will include:
Zach Franklin: GRID Alternatives
Jennifer Gorovitz: CEO, Jewish Community Federation
Adam Werbach: Saatchi& Saatchi S
There will be customary Tu Bishvat snacks (dried figs, dates, raisins, almonds,
and carob chips), musical guests and good times in a beautiful part of this great city.
Mark your calendars and join us at 10:00 am on January 23to celebrate Tu Bishvat and support the Jewish Community’s wonderful act of tikkun olam – a gift of a newly restored park to the community!

Register here: http://www.jewishfed.org/content/plant-dream-2011 [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=tthqfsn6&et=1104233972384&s=27254&e=0019Zj2hmBZzhL_Dn_oJLWxqmztw_sA6AUgs66QuBtHN78sGZwv9s55g5Tq7wFIKnWDNU6egswWxPKZQLaDhD6zHX8EDTY9L3uYsREpscXDkSl94D4ZhvQLx-VIoECXrp902Uw6XU4h59dlsnpXbw0Tqg==]

PLEASE wear closed toed shoes, long pants and layers. This event will happen RAIN OR SHINE. SPACE IS LIMITED and last year’s event sold out.
Sponsored by: The Get Fed program of The Jewish Community Federation.

Along with: JSN, Hazon, AJC Energy Task Force, and the HUB of the SFJCC.

This event has been made possible by a generous grant from the Sarlo Foundation .

**Remember, the 4th Annual Bay Area Eco Seder is happening the evening of January
19. The Eco Seder is another amazing and inspiring way to celebrate Tu Bishvat and is not to be missed.
More information: http://bayareaecoseder.blogspot.com/ [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=tthqfsn6&et=1104233972384&s=27254&e=0019Zj2hmBZzhLTOAI7LEBTpVH2swdpGwXP5twEiIXbIE6IN6QesA2b-GH2by4uoZa3XtkOnSHiijCeWFCPv3OOuVXqeaDPDf7Ggac4qWNvuFdYRvl5lR1kwa8XENPnb4KM] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


January 23, 2011

10:00 AM

Holly Park,

San Francisco

map [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=tthqfsn6&et=1104233972384&s=27254&e=0019Zj2hmBZzhJLuhbCygKTMC9z2sleG47aX5yB8lCmn8JeukFoIYXS1QMrkF8TANPdYxGRaaOtpkg9SA9zD6hpnbisidvHu-IRVPreV0JKRrX6HgfHoSdoKhBnkc2ZF7Q831_VqnGXt2vWZMTXk_5eCvkos_FcdET4Q1_4VTzbS8FeOsfxXpa2sTgI-3x_04Fu3_UYLkB-EoYgQfzarwAh0kbIDS3lAdMjVQu_yFsNExVvAEtqaGoP8bpVHkAoSOIT737TdxuUGGkfk5Ros9wiy8xmFlnjQhSxeyXJXlikCg6O2mpPNXlByjs6i_8wlwCD_SC6bV3ZdIMoFXMIndx5PN552tPY2Yk0ZYqpIPv_6inSHfewfq853PHlkPmDqekb0Ym-XAlDynNI3QnUJcTWd6qUGPDZwZaSG35CxPCs1AM=]
REGISTER NOW [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=tthqfsn6&et=1104233972384&s=27254&e=0019Zj2hmBZzhL_Dn_oJLWxqmztw_sA6AUgs66QuBtHN78sGZwv9s55g5Tq7wFIKnWDNU6egswWxPKZQLaDhD6zHX8EDTY9L3uYsREpscXDkSl94D4ZhvQLx-VIoECXrp902Uw6XU4h59dlsnpXbw0Tqg==] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

GET FED on Facebook [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=tthqfsn6&et=1104233972384&s=27254&e=0019Zj2hmBZzhK9zgF5yP3IcvTeFlrtfhQ1vl8Byd235rtvGTSQJ2f9OhbzdJHaxLrjvwsyVgXTb9H1Ye6yDXKmvdBKAbIK6VZQwpwLqTaXh3G7W_A8Vz_yjVZJil6SnLHrVnuz9hxgdCybyRAdFPcHUIbs4nn5UBXuijBMagFCuNFRDiQ7QpdeQYelfglGhUE7vsyQgMrC7jc=] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

GET FED is a program dedicated to showcasing the finest in cutting-edge ideas, actions
and rituals enabling people to connect with the vibrant Jewish life and community of the Bay Area.

Jewish Community Federation of
San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties



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