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Pell Lecture: When Music Stopped…

Posted by kneidalach on April 12, 2011

When the Music Stopped:

The Spoliation of Europe’s Musical Property,

1933-1945, and 21st Century Concerns  

Carla Shapreau
Adjunct Faculty, U.C. Berkeley, School of Law

Thursday, April 28, 5 pm

Heyns Room, Faculty Club, University of California, Berkeley

Followed by a reception

Carla Shapreau will discuss her research in the Institute of European Studies at U.C. Berkeley regarding the looting and displacement of musical manuscripts, printed music, and musical instruments during the Nazi Era, as well as the challenges that remain for 21st century progress.  Carla Shapreau is a Research Associate in the Institute of European Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, as well as a member of the Adjunct Faculty in the School of Law, where she teaches a course on art and cultural property law.  Ms. Shapreau is co-author of Violin Fraud, Deception, Forgery, and Lawsuits in England and America (Oxford University Press 1997), and has lectured and written broadly regarding cultural property issues.  Ms. Shapreau is also a violin maker.

A short piece for piano, violin, and cello composed by Edwin Geist in 1942, “Kosmischer Frühling”  (Cosmic Spring), will be performed by U.C. Berkeley students at the close of the lecture.

Presented by the Jewish Studies Program. Sponsored by The Joseph and Eda Pell Endowed Fund for Holocaust Studies.
Co-presented by The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life. Co-sponsored by the Alfred Manovill Holocaust Studies Program.

For More Information, please visit www.magnes.org, or contact magnes@library.berkeley.edu


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