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12TribesFood: Kosher community-suppored dinner culture

Posted by Oyster on September 7, 2011

12 Tribes Food is not only delicious, but it is kosher, organic, and locally-sourced. You can feel good about eating it on multiple levels. And don’t mess with the rabbi-chef, as she slices and dices while toiveling. She even tried turning on her immersion blender in the Pacific Ocean!

Hi everyone –

The Fall season of Community Supported Dinnerculture starts on Wednesday, 9/7. Dinner will be ready and available for pick-up after 2:30 pm until 6 pm. Remember that we’re now cooking in the kosher kitchen at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, 3200 California St. (at Presidio).

When you enter the JCCSF building, ask for 12 Tribes or me at the front desk.

I’ve attached a photo taken this afternoon at Ocean Beach as we were toveling (ritually purifying) knives and utensils in anticipation of preparing the first meal in our new home – it’s your dinner.

Look forward to great eating all fall!


Rebecca Joseph

“The Rabbi Chef”
12 Tribes Kosher Foods
P. 415.800.8594
F. 415.800.8966

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