Oy Bay!

"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is this site called Oy Bay?
    Think of the Yiddish expression “oy vey!”, that has been modified to refer to the Bay Area. No, *sigh*, we are not a Jewish EBay.
  2. Oyster, why are you called, ‘Oyster’?
    It’s a three-way word play. First off, it’s ironic for a Jew to be called something that is treif. Secondly, I either say ‘oy’ a lot, or I make our readers say ‘oy’, so I’m the oy’ster. Thirdly, it’s a hat-tip to our aquatic biodiversity here in the Bay Area ( the person who makes the dwelling in muck association gets a knuckle sandwich ).
  3. Why is this blog different than all other blogs?
    We focus on covering young Jewish life in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also serve as an independent media outlet for the Jewish Bay Area.
  4. How come my event / story isn’t being covered?
    First off, be sure to see the above FAQ on what we focus on. If your event isn’t really germane to our readership, then there’s no guarantee that we’ll put it up on the calendar or post about it. We reserve 100% editorial control. Them’s da rules. If you don’t like it, then may we recommend PlanItJewish, BayJews, or CraigsList?
  5. Okay, I have a relevant event that I’d like to be added to the Oy Bay calendar. How do I go about requesting that?
    Excellent! Then just go over to the Oy Bay Calendar of Events page, and follow the instructions.
  6. I have a relevant story idea or event that I want to help promote, how do I go about getting it covered on Oy Bay?
    Great! If you want to increase the chances of me posting the story from unlikely (sorry, life is busy right now) to very likely, please follow the following procedure:

    1. Get a user account at WordPress.com. It’s free. Don’t select that you want a blog (unless you really want one). It would be nice if you chose a username that is Jewishly-themed and identifies your group/organization.
    2. Email me with your username, and the email account that you used when signing up.
    3. I will then approve you as a content contributer to Oy Bay.
    4. Login to WordPress.com, and create a post in the Oy Bay blog (it’s like writing an email), and submit/post it.
    5. If its good-to-go, I’ll post it. If it needs work, I’ll either edit it myself, or send edits back to you via email.
  7. Okay, Oyster’leh, I’m signing up! How do I create a high-quality post?
    Here are some rules of thumb that will improve the likelihood of your material getting posted ASAP:

    • Make sure that it is within the scope of this blog (see above FAQ), and make sure that you make it very obvious early-on in your message as to why you feel that it is in within scope.
    • Include a paragraph or so of text that explains the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of your story / event.
    • Include a high-resolution graphic or photos (no wider than 440 pixels), to help us jazz up the post.
    • Include links to your website, or related information.
    • Include other related media (audio, video, etc.).
    • Finish your post at least two weeks prior to the event if you want to make sure it is up in time for people to see it.
  8. I have something that I want to promote on Oy Bay, but it isn’t “within scope”. What can I do?

    We do offer affordable web advertisement services, including the design of web advertisement collateral and viral marketing campaigns. Please contact us at oyster[at]oy-bay.org for further information.

3 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

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  2. izik said

    At Sderot Media Center, we aim to expose the story of the Sderot population through presentation of the story directly from the source–the civilians of Sderot. Our work reaches over 70 countries worldwide.
    At Sderot Media Center, our focus is not strictly on traditional media coverage. Rather, we are driven to provide the stories of the civilian population itself–through the eyes of the people of Sderot. If you would like, we can send you free articles and information, which can then be published as you wish.

  3. ידעתי שיש משהו כזה

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